4 Tips on Building and Maintaining a Successful Medical Practice

by Our Blogs Published on: 06 November 2021 Last Updated on: 21 February 2022

Medical Practice

You’ve opened your own medical practice, but you aren’t seeing the success you’ve hoped for. Or maybe you see success at times, but then the business becomes slow again. Running a successful business of any kind is difficult, and probably more difficult when you’re in the medical field. Here are some tips on how you can build and maintain a successful medical practice.

#1: Support Your Staff

Being a medical professional in this decade is particularly challenging. Your staff is the backbone of your practice and critical to your success in the medical field, so it’s important to make sure that they feel supported, motivated, and appreciated. You can offer to support them in acquiring specialized skills like how to become a mammography tech and offer to sponsor their training. Medical professionals are especially susceptible to burnout, and this can lead to poorer care of patients. Some simple ways to support your staff include:

  • Give both constructive criticism and positive feedback.
  • Recognize improvements and accomplishments.
  • Give praise whenever you see a job well done.
  • Keep fun and relaxing work environment as much as possible.

Another simple solution to support your current staff members can be to hire new staff members. Sometimes your staff may be overworked, which leads to burnout and having that extra support can really improve work performance. Try posting job openings on niche job sites, such as Practice Match, where the job listings are specific to physicians. For example, practicing physicians can search OBGYN jobs on Practice Match, or other medical specialties.

#2: Keep Up With Patient Satisfaction

When your staff feels more supported, it’s easier to retain the patients you currently have. Your current patients are another huge part of your practice because, without them, you have no practice. It’s a good idea to talk with your current patients to find out what they love about your services and what you may be able to improve on. By doing this, you can make any necessary changes to improve your practice, and focus on what’s already working to be sure that it is done at all times. This can mean investing in certain techniques to increase patient retention.

#3: Acquire New Patients

If your current patients are satisfied, they are more likely to refer you to others— which is an easy way to acquire new patients. However, that isn’t always enough and there are other marketing efforts you can try to help you gain new patients.

One way to do this is to have a website for your practice, where both current and potential patients have a resource that gives them all of the information they need about your practice. Your website will also help capture more patients if you have a blog that’s filled with resourceful content relating to the medical field. Also, take full advantage of social media— a strong social media presence helps every type of business gain new clients/customers.

#4: Consider Outsourcing

Odds are, you’re already outsourcing several parts of your business; but if you aren’t, consider outsourcing things like your IT management, medical billing and coding, and transcriptions. These are the tedious tasks that take away from what your practice was established to do in the first place: provide healthcare for patients. Outsourcing the menial tasks allows your practice to be more efficient, all while allowing you and your staff to take better care of your patients. Other benefits of outsourcing include:

  • Saving time and money
  • Lowered risk for errors
  • Increased revenue

When too many tasks are given to one person, mistakes are more likely to be made. Although it takes money to outsource, it takes even more money (and time) to correct mistakes.

Time and patience are key when it comes to running a business. In the medical field, it’s most important to focus on the patients you already have, because if they’re unhappy they won’t hesitate to let others know about it. Also, focus on the health and wellbeing of your medical staff, because they are the ones interacting with your patients. The medical field is all about the care of others— your patients and your staff members.

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