Top 5 Skills You Need To Succeed In The Event Planner Role

by Business Development 26 February 2024

Succeed In The Event Planner Role

How good are your organizational skills? How good are your communication skills? These are the first questions you must answer before becoming an event planner. It is like Einstein’s relativity theory; it was both rewarding and stressful at the time. When the job turns south, time will move slower than in the black hole. 

Therefore, skill-building is necessary to become an event planner and organize weddings and office parties. That way, you can deal with every issue and give the best user experience to the users. Consequently, you can build your portfolio as a planner and give a boost to your balance. 

So, if you lack those skills, you end up being the Harry Maguire of your event. However, you can sleep peacefully because we have the solution for you. All you need to do is look at the next section, where you get to learn about the skills you need to have. 

Proven Skills To Succeed In The Event Planner Role

To succeed in any job role, you need to have multiple skills. It will help you solve issues and deliver a smooth user experience. Therefore, you will see in the event planning section experts talking about different skills to roll up your sleeves. That way, you can mitigate many issues in the work and deliver the best experience to users. 

Here are a few skills that you need to carry to become a good event planner, as suggested by Oyster Link’s website, which informs planners about Event Coordinator duties – 

Brilliant Communication Skills

To become an event planner, you need to have brilliant communication skills. As you are saying, that helps you get the best out of your staff and help your client get the best experience. You need to communicate with the client and clearly understand what they want and how they plan the whole event to occur. 

Hence, you need to get a clear image of the event to organize it properly. Moreover, it will help you to tell your staff about the things and items needed to organize the whole thing. Consequently, build your communication skills by reading newspapers and books and talking with friends and families. You can do roleplay with them, which will help you to improve your communication skills. 

Brainstorming New Ideas 

Creativity is a big part of event planning, as you need to have cutting-edge ideas to give better ideas to clients. Furthermore, it will enable you to pitch new event ideas that will smooth the event experience to the people coming to the event. That way, you can create an aura where clients will have to choose one of the ideas you give to them. 

For this, you need to enhance your creativity powers to get an edge over event planners. That’s why you need to learn different planning techniques that will help you to find new ideas. For examples – 

  • The Five Whys analysis
  • Star bursting
  • How Now Wow
  • SWOT analysis 

All of these techniques will help your portfolio of ideas, and then concentrate it on a few, as per the needs of clients. 

Attention To Customer Service

Your choice of words while communicating will define who you are. Therefore, you need to build your customer service skills. Building a good rapport with the customers and getting them on board with your vision and ideas is necessary. You need to use sentences like –

  • Let me look into it 
  • Absolutely 
  • My pleasure
  • Not a problem
  • I’m just getting it done 

All of these will showcase your customer-first attitude, which will help you to get premium customers. Eventually, you will be able to cater to many customers and give them premium service. So, you can watch several videos of customer service and phrases they use while talking to customers. That will give you an idea to shape your tone and style. 

Disclaimer: The greater the customer, the greater the chance of transforming leads into sales. 

Work On Your Organization Skills 

Another thing you need to build is organization skills. That will help you organize everything from the start to the end. From organizing food to music to adding flowers to decorate the whole thing, you need to have brilliant organization skills. In addition, you need to keep track of your clients’ budgets and schedules. This will help you to deliver the best experience to users. 

Mostly, you need to be very good with numbers and inform people of the prices of the items required to organize the whole thing. So, if you are facing issues to build a flawless organization, here are a few techniques to follow – 

  • Brilliant time management skills to complete everything just on time 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Setting the right goals to get the whole thing done
  • Excellent decision-making to make healthy decisions
  • Attention to details

Once you master all the skills, you can do the whole event in a much easier way. Also, you will cater a flawless event experience to people coming to the event. That way, you can increase satisfaction and get customers to their choice when they think of an event. 

Network Building 

Another thing you need to focus on is network building. It is necessary to have knowledge of the venue and vendors. They will help you to form a point of difference from others. Vendors will deliver the goods at a low price. Therefore, you need to build a great rapport to get the best items at a lower price and make more profit. 

Furthermore, you need to build a network with the venue owners. This is because it will determine the comfort factor and how well you can deliver a premium customer experience. From the installation of different technologies to flowers, you need a good place. So, build your network to have the best venues up your sleeve to recommend to customers. 

Last Thoughts On Event Planners

In the end, the skills mentioned in the above discussion will help you to become the best event planner. You will be able to get premium customers to ask you to do events for them. Hence, you can build your skills to form a whole company of yours in the future. 


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