John Sykstus, Financial Strategist, Lists 5 Essential Tips to Maximize Profits and Grow Your Business

by Business Development Published on: 19 December 2018 Last Updated on: 20 August 2020

Building a successful business can be a gratifying process, but it can take time for new business owners to find their best working practices. Taking the time to analyze and refine the way your business operates helps to improve productivity, increase profits and boost your brand. Once your business is up and running, it’s time to look for ways to improve productivity and profitability. Here are five essential tips detailed by John Sykstus, CPA and financial strategist, to maximize profits and grow your business.

Set Clear Goals:

Setting clear goals is an essential first step when growing your business, as you need a specific aim to work towards. Goals should be specific, realistic and measurable, but they must also be ambitious enough to motivate action. If you are reaching for a difficult long-term goal, you can also set smaller targets or significant milestones to keep you on track.

Perform Regular Market Research:

Many businesses only perform market research during the planning stage of setting up their company. However, markets and customer needs change over time, which means that your marketing tactics can quickly become outdated. Ask customers and social media followers to fill out surveys, answer questionnaires or submit comments on your business, products, and services. Offering incentives, such as free downloads, discount codes or a prize draw, can be an effective motivator to encourage responses.

Assess Your Overhead:

Shop around for the best deals on business premises, services and products used by your company. Most businesses stick with the same supplier out of habit, but this can prove costly, as many suppliers offer better deals to new customers. Buying in bulk, bartering with suppliers and negotiating with service providers are all effective ways to reduce your overhead.

Find Your Competitive Edge:

Most successful businesses have an edge over their competitors. Some companies sell their products cheaper than other companies, while others offer extra value, such as free delivery or excellent customer service. For some successful businesses, it’s the small details, such as attractive packaging, ethical work practices or charity involvement, that sets them apart from the competition. Finding your competitive edge makes all the difference when growing your business.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service:

Customer service is one of the most critical factors in retaining your existing customers. Poor customer service will lead to bad reviews and negative publicity, which can be devastating for new businesses. Make sure that customers can contact you to ask questions and report problems, preferably in a variety of ways, such as through social media, email, and telephone. Always respond promptly, professionally and courteously, especially if customers are unhappy, and try to resolve their issues.

Building a successful business is a process that takes time and hard work to achieve. Analyzing and refining your working practices helps to maximize the potential for profit and growth. Setting clear goals, performing regular market research, assessing your overhead, finding your competitive edge and providing exceptional customer service are essential factors in building a successful business.

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