Top 10 European Trade Shows

by Enterprise 22 May 2024

European Trade Shows

Europe prides itself on hosting some of the most influential and prestigious trade shows globally. These events cover an expansive range of industries, from fashion to technology, from food to the automotive sector. However, with this in mind, here are some of the top European trade shows that you should attend.

They provide networking opportunities with existing and potential clients, as well as like-minded businesses.

Hundreds and thousands of enthusiasts attend these shows to learn and be updated about products like yours, so the exposure is invaluable. 

Moreover, these shows provide an excellent platform to increase brand awareness and thereafter expand into new markets. 

Furthermore, there are trade shows that provide one with the opportunity to remain updated with the latest trends from the industry. The best part is that you can find expert speakers and leading exhibitors who share the most valued insights.

event marketing trends

Exhibiting is also on the rise!  According to a 2024 quarter-one report from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, event marketing trends observed a surge. 

Thus, it indicates that business organizations are placing a high priority on in-person customer interactions.

1. Anuga

Where: Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany

When: 4th – 8th of October 2024

About: Food and Beverage Show

Germany has the reputation of being Europe’s exhibition hub. Moreover, it is home to two-thirds of the premier trade shows and events that take place worldwide. 

Anuga is a trade fair for food and beverages, and it is highly popular in Germany and throughout Europe. This particular event closely knits together some of the largest international communities! 

The show is remarkable for hosting an international attendance (94% international), visitors in abundance (140,000). In addition and, thousands of companies come to exhibit their products (7,900)! 

The exhibition is subdivided into ten shows: Anuga Chilled & Fresh Food,  Anuga Frozen Food, Anuga Bread & bakery, Anuga Out of Home, Anuga Dairy,  Anuga Organic, Anuga Fine Food, Anuga Hot Beverages,  and Anuga MEat. 

However, wiith categories galore, everyone is free to enter these at food and drink industry-related events. Anuga has gained brand exposure and has a high attendance of visitors and exhibitors. They have crafted a niche in food and drink-related exhibitions!


2. Spoga Gafa

Where: Cologne, Germany

When: 16th to 18th June 2024

About: Garden and BBQ Fair 

Spoga Gafa is the largest garden and BBQ Trade Fair in the world! If you are in the garden and lifestyle sector, this is a show you cannot miss. 

Visitors gather from all over the world to find their new suppliers. Furthermore, the show is split into four sections which include Garden Living, Garden Creation & Care, Garden BBQ and Garden Unique. There really is a place for everyone at this show!

3. EuroCIS

Where: Messe, Dusseldorf, Germany

When: 18th – 20th of February 2025. 

About: Retail Technology

Like Anuga, this show is perfect for brand exposure and entry into the European trade market. EuroCIS is one trade show that covers a range of retail technology solutions. Moreover, it includes point-of-sale systems. 

At the same time it includes digital signage, self-checkout machines, software for inventory management, and much more. 

It offers a great opportunity for people to take a look at the latest innovations in retail technology. The event opens the opportunity to establish a network with industry professionals from around the world. 

However, if you are looking to seek great brand exposure, you can consider it. There, you also get to expand your business into the European market. Moreover, you can meet the new suppliers.  EuroCIS can be a valuable event to attend. 

In the present year, 2024, around 475 companies from 41 different nations attended the exhibition with hundreds and thousands of products. 

In addition, around 13,174 visitors attended the show. However, among the visitors who attended the show in the year 2024, 94% were highly satisfied with it. Around  93% recommended it to visitors from different places, and 39%  of the companies found new suppliers!

4. A Place in the Sun Live London

Where: ExCel London

When: Dates not announced for 2025

About: Overseas Travel 

A Place in the Sun Live London is the UK’s largest overseas property exhibition and the official live event for the popular Channel 4 TV show. The show takes place in two prime locations: Birmingham NEC, Manchester, Dublin, and Excel London. 

A Place in the Sun Live provides a great opportunity for real property developers and real estate agents, and also holiday home providers. Alongside, it helps exhibitors, showcase their diverse offerings to an enthusiastic and diverse audience. 

As the show is based on the hit TV show, this particular event has a large gathering of visitors, all overseas travel enthusiasts! 

In addition, the show also features some of the most engaging seminars and advice sessions. It turns out to be one of the most valuable resources for anyone who is considering purchasing property abroad.

A Place in the Sun Live London

5. Bar Convent Berlin

Where: Berlin Exhibition Center, Germany 

When: 14th – 16th October 2024

About: Bar and Beverage

The Bar Convent Berlin is the largest trade fair for the bar and beverage industry. The show hosts over 12,500 visitors, 530 exhibitors and 82 lectures and seminars. 

It offers fantastic opportunities to those suppliers and professionals in the bar and beverage industry. With such many international visitors, the chances of finding European buyers and expanding into the European market are high!  This show is well known for its vibrant and dynamic energy! 

6. Solar and Storage Live 

Where: ExCel, London, UK

When: 2nd – 3rd April 2025

About: Solar Industry

Solar & Storage Live is one of the largest solar energy events in Europe.

Solar and Storage Live is a global meeting spot for industry leaders who are driving the shift to renewable energy. 

However, as people push for sustainability, the transition to renewable energy is becoming increasingly prevalent. Because of this, the ever-growing show, which launched in 2012, now has over 20,000 visitors! 

The Solar and Storage live show is also renowned for its sustainable exhibition stand designs. Many visitors go to view the stands, designed and built by pioneering modular stand contractors like Quadrant2Design.

7. Eurosatory

Where: Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, France

When: 17th -21st June 2024 

About: Defence and Security 

Eurosatory is a trade show for the defense industry. With a massive 62,000 visitors from more than 150 countries, it has become one of the major events on the calendar. 

However, the show aims to present exhaustive, innovative technology solutions and services for the most complex crises. Be it high-intensity conflicts or humanitarian and environmental disasters specific to our century; the show says it all. 

The show takes place every other year, alternating with DSEI in London. DSEI is another busy, popular, and lively show, but book early if you want tickets. Exhibitors will already be planning their Exhibition Stand Design! 

8. European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) 

European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition

Where: Geneva, Switzerland 

When: 28th-30th May 2024

About: Aviation 

EBACE is the annual meeting place for all things Aviation. With over 11,000 attendees, government officials, manufacturers, flight department personnel, avionics firms, fractional providers, and charter/lease companies should add this show to their list! 

Many even enjoy this show for a nice day out, as the experience is entirely unique, with over 50 aircraft on display!

9. Agrimont 

Where: Longaronefiere, Longarone, Italy

When: Dates not announced for 2025

About: Agricultural Equipment

Agrimont is known for its large selection of agricultural equipment. The event is held in early spring, making it the perfect opportunity for industry professionals to acquire the necessary equipment for the upcoming farming year. 

This show has it all, from machinery and agricultural equipment, land care, and maintenance techniques to food and wine products! 

Additionally, with the growing popularity of farming trade shows, as seen on the hit show Clarkson’s Farm, these events are gaining more traction and offer unmatched exposure.

10. Cosmoprof Worldwide

Where: Fiera Bologna, Italy

When: 20th – 23rd March 2025 

About: Beauty

One of the largest international beauty trade shows is Cosmoprof. The show has a rich history of half a century.  Besides, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is another notable trade show that has a significant impact on the beauty industry globally.

This trade show features exhibitors from more than seventy nations. Moreover, the show runs for over four days. Here, the companies come with a variety of products.

Over here, you get a comprehensive view of the latest trends, products, and technologies in the beauty sector. It provides a dynamic platform for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers of beauty products to establish a good network. 

Moreover, the companies can source new products and finally gain insights into emerging market trends. It is important from the point of view of decision-making. 


In conclusion, these ten European trade shows, among many others, provide an unparalleled opportunity for businesses where they can gain exposure. The show becomes a place to network with industry professionals. 

There, enthusiasts and businesses can stay updated on the latest trends. You may be in retail technology, overseas travel, food and beverage, bar and beverage, or even the solar industry.

The trade shows provide an ultimate platform for brand to bring forth their latest innovations to the general public. 

Yes, these events provide opportunities for an entity to expand into new markets and then gain the most valuable insights. 

Attending these trade shows can be a strategic move for businesses looking to make a mark in the European market and beyond.

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