Business Strategy Trends for 2018

by Starting a Business 15 November 2017


Business requires continuous innovation of strategies. That is the most difficult part of it. Strategies that worked in the past will no longer work today. To summarize let’s talk about intelligence. In terms of intelligence we can consider:

1. AI Foundation

AI also referred to as Artificial Intelligence has a massive potential in the future. This technology can help in reinventing the ecosystems and business models as well as decision making. According to a survey, almost all the organizations are showing their interest in building the AI strategy. But the problem is that Artificial Strategies are still evolving, therefore the organizations will need to invest heavily in order to improve the skill level, specific tools, and process behind the strategy. According to an estimate, by 2020 as more as 30% of Chief Information officers will include Artificial Intelligence in their top investment priorities. Therefore, it is about time to invest in model creation, data preparation, integration, and training methodology selection to improve the customer experience.

2. Intelligent Apps

As we know that this is the world of technology, and there is software to do almost everything. Therefore, AI has become a subject of interest of almost every software developer and it is expected that in the near future we will see Artificial Intelligence being used in almost every application and service at least at some level. However, the idea is still in the process of implementation. But is not it obvious that if there is a software that can make up for the mistakes made by human than companies will immediately opt to use it?

3. Intelligent Things

As the technology related Artificial Intelligence and the machines are improving we may be able to see a robotic vacuum that could navigate and clean the house with the minimal intervention using a computer. In future, we may see a lot of intelligent things working in collaboration to achieve a specific goal.


This is just intelligence. Now if we talk about the Virtual reality that is an incredibly fast-growing technology. It has gained enormous ground since its launch a couple of years ago. Here are few predictions from some experts regarding virtual reality.


Today how people are treating AR? It is expected that with the Apple’s involvement, it will be available on every phone. It is also believed that AR will become more popular than Virtual Reality but it will take time. Since majority will have it, AR will grow faster than VR.


It is also believed that 2018 is going to be a fantastic year for the growth of virtual reality and justified by belief with the hosting of 2018 FIFA World Cup. A lot of sports channels are going towards VR in order to bring the fans closer the action. This will not only help in the cause of VR but will also be fruitful for the brand that will do investment on it. Another reason is the increase in the specifications and decrease in the price.


Moreover, the evolution of virtual reality also boomed the gaming industry; games like Second Life, etc. Adario Strange who is the tech analyst of Mashable and host of the Mars Magazine podcast states that the growth rate of Virtual Reality in 2018 is dependent on marketing and outreach and not on software and hardware. He believes that what is a small industry and customers of VR today will eventually grow into the mainstream-sized audience with time.


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