Your Guide to Starting a Scrap Metal Recycling Business

by Starting a Business 17 May 2018

Recycling Business

Interested in creating a profitable business? A scrap metal recycling business may be a smart business to start.

When you get down to the nitty-gritty, having your own scrap metal recycling company can be a dirty job that requires technical know-how and capital. But once you’ve secured capital and done your research, it may very well become a lucrative venture for you.

We’ve compiled a guide on how to get started as an entrepreneur in the recycling world.

1. Conduct a Feasibility Study before Starting a Scrap Metal Recycling Company:

This is an incredibly important first step once you’ve settled on the idea of owning a scrap metal business.

A feasibility study will show you if this type of business would survive in your local area. For starters, research the top metals that people recycle locally, based on the scrap metal prices per pound. Is it copper, aluminum, or gold?

You’ll also need to find out the best location for your plant and how many competitors you would have in your local market. If possible, find out how much they recycle every month as well.

2. Produce a Business Plan:

If you discover that there is a market for your recycling services near you, then it’s time to put together a comprehensive business plan.

This plan will serve as your guide as you run your company. It’ll steer you toward success and serve as a benchmark for measuring and assessing your business’s performance.

Your business plan can include information such as the background of your company, a description of the services you will provide, your management strategy, and your marketing strategy.

3. Obtain Your License and Permits:

Get in touch with an attorney right away so that you know what your state’s and local area’s requirements are setting up a recycling business. You need to obtain the necessary permission, licenses, and permits for operating such a business to avoid legal issues.

4. Buy Your Equipment:

It’s time to start spending money! You’ll need to purchase some recycling management software and business cards. You’ll also need a van, sports utility vehicle, or truck for transporting your recycled products and junk goods.

Other important tools to purchase include containers for making transporting and sorting easier and cleaner. Other essential items include a jumpsuit and heavy gloves, which will protect you from sharp metal scraps and dirt. A smelter might also be necessary for melting base metals unless you plan to use a third-party smelter to do this job. You can buy metal stock online in a variety of types, shapes, sizes, and finishes to fit your needs.

5. Advertise:

Now you’re ready to begin advertising. You may wish to target the following sources of scrap metals:

  • Plumbers
  • Landscrapers
  • Electricians
  • Mechanics
  • Demolition sites
  • Car repair shops
  • Small businesses
  • Residential neighbors

Contact these individuals directly, and encourage advertising via word of mouth. Most importantly, make sure that your business operations are clean and fast so that you maintain a reputation worth talking about for the right reasons.

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