7 Unique Christmas Fundraising Ideas You Can Try

by Finance 11 November 2022

Christmas Fundraising

Every fundraiser looks to make the most of specific days and seasons to advance their fundraising cause. And what a perfect opportunity Christmas presents to such people.

Considering that it is within the Giving Season, several fundraisers have created Christmas-themed events to give their fundraising cause a good boost.

Here Are Seven Prime Christmas Fundraising Ideas You Can Try

The Christmas season is just a couple of months away, but that shouldn’t stop you from starting preparation.

In view of this, we have elected to share a few Christmas fundraising ideas in this article. So, you should spare a few minutes and digest the content.

1. Organize Baking Classes

baking classes

Organizing baking classes will be a great idea to raise funds during the Christmas season. You may think about teaching participants how to bake some treats like cake, bun, cookies, brownies, muffins, etc., for a fee.

To increase your chances of earning more, you should try to talk to volunteers skilled in making these baked treats to join you. Make sure you discuss the objective and how you intend to allocate the proceeds from the classes.

Once you have everything sorted – from acquiring resources to the course curriculum design, etc. – you can start advertising the baking classes. And you should also consider creating room for children to increase the participation rate. The good thing about this fundraising idea is that you can have it virtually or at some physical location.

2. Consider Christmas Serve-A-Thon

You can try to engage in providing some Christmas-related services to people. For instance, you can look to purchase Christmas decoration items for clients, starting with those within your close circle. Again, you can take on the decoration of the home interior, yard, and frontage with Christmas-themed accessories. 

These are just a few of the Christmas serve-a-thon exercises you can do to raise funds. Let prospective clients know that you render such services, and you should also ask that they kindly refer you. By the way, referrals will readily come if you deliver quality services.

3. Leverage Matching Gifts

Matching gift drives are also effective for raising funds this season, and you can leverage them. A matching gift drive rides on the benevolence of specific organizations or employers and their workforce. It is such that the employer aims to match whatever gifts every employee commits to a fundraising cause using a predetermined ratio – 1:1 being the most common. 

So, let’s assume an employee gives $50 to the cause, and the employer will equally give $50; thus, a total of $100 is eventually remitted from that end. To unlock the benefits of matching gifts during this season, you should reach out to see organizations who are open to it and communicate your fundraising proposal. 

State your mission and let them see some of your past projects. Likewise, you can appeal to your supporters to maximize this opportunity by urging them to propose it to their employers – on your behalf. 

4. Christmas Auction Sales

Christmas Auction Sales

You can also host Christmas auction sales for your fundraising drive. In light of this, you can aim to display items such as vintage Christmas decoration items, gift baskets, event tickets, tour packages, gingerbread houses, and other things people are interested in. You should partner with stores and organizations within your locality that can offer these items for free or at low prices.

That said, the auction sales event can be created as a live auction or silent auction – and you can take advantage of social media in this regard.

However, you should raise awareness about your fundraising Christmas auction sales to gain more traction. Plus, the objective of the auction sales must be communicated.

5. Go On A Community Rally Or Carnival

Community rallies will be highly effective for your fundraising campaign as the Christmas season sets in. Here, you should attempt to integrate the peer-to-peer model whereby you can increase impact through networking.

Also, it would be best to have some branded tees and caps for your P2P fundraisers. These shirts and caps can have your text-to-give details and mission statement printed on them.

Additionally, donation collection buckets should be provided to receive money from people on the spot. There may be no better season than the Christmas period to do a fundraising community rally. And this is because of the increased giving affinity of people during the Giving Season. You can yet add some carnival vibe to it – to make it more entertaining.

6. Host A Family Fun Day

The holiday season makes a perfect time to have a family fun day – with your fundraising cause heralded. You should need a well-thought-out plan, prospecting the attendees, and sorting out the fun activities for the day. You should create awareness about it once the groundwork is taken care of.

Tickets can be sold to those that are interested in attending. However, you should inform them about the motive behind setting up the event – your fundraising goal.

Consider setting up a food and beverage station or organizing game competitions between families. You should ensure that there are activities that catch children’s fancy as you’re planning for the adults.

You can also raise some funds from the side attractions around the venue. These can include special tours – sleigh rides could be magical in this respect – face painting, treasure hunt, etc.

7. Ugly Sweater Drive

Ugly Sweater Drive

You can use the Christmas season to make friends and associates bring on their old holiday sweaters for your fundraising campaign. The objective is to look out for the person with the ugliest sweater, so this could serve as a viral challenge in some way.

However, you should be careful not to let participants get carried away with the ugly sweater challenge that the fundraising drive is relegated to the backwaters.

Therefore, you should hammer on the fundraising goal and let them see its relevance. In essence, the participants should be encouraged to donate to the cause. So, make sure they are provided with your text-to-donate or online donation link to that effect.

Additionally – or optionally for those who may not have money to give – you can request that supporters let others know about the drive. That would surely increase participation and the prospect of raising more revenue.


Many fundraisers anticipate Christmas or the Giving Season with great enthusiasm, envisioning positive returns. They do not stop at wishing alone as they invest in the right resources and ideas to project their fundraising cause to donors.

And in this write-up, we have discussed some unique Christmas fundraising ideas you can rely on for a successful fundraising project.

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