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by Finance Published on: 06 September 2018 Last Updated on: 10 September 2018

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Many people in Australia are struggling under the burden of excessive debts. Each month the bills come in, and many have no idea how they are going to pay them. In these cases of high debt desperation, it is tempting to consolidate debts so that there is one payment. While debt consolidation may be tempting, Graeme Holm and his company Infinity Group Australia don’t recommend it. Mr. Holm offers those in debt a different course of action.

Graeme Holm founded Infinity Group Australia because he was frustrated by what he was observing within the financial services industry. Mr. Holm worked at some of the largest banks in Australia for over 17 years before he founded Infinity Group. He observed that many clients were just living paycheck to paycheck. When they were able to pay their bills, they were only able to pay their minimum payments resulting in the client not being able to pay off significant debts for a period of more than 30 years.

In 2013, Infinity Group was founded to offer a different way. Infinity Group helps its clients pay their debts quickly by helping them get a handle on their budgetary problems. This is possible without resorting to debt consolidation which Mr. Holm does not recommend.

Debt consolidation refers to the practice of combining all of one’s debt into a single loan with one monthly payment. This may sound attractive in the beginning, but debt consolidation has some significant drawbacks.

Debt consolidation programs may tell a person that they will have a lower interest rate, but that rate may not stay low. Over time, interest rates may change and increase a person’s overall debt load. Debt consolidation also spreads the current debt out over a longer period of time. It will take a person even longer than before to get out of debt. Getting a debt consolidation loan also doesn’t do anything to address behaviors that may have led to high debt living in the first place.

Infinity Group and Mr. Holm offer a long-term and not a short-term solution to the client’s debt problems. Infinity Group representatives meet with the client, and a detailed examination of the client’s finances is undertaken. The client’s expenditures are examined, and a program is initiated to bring the client’s budget and spending into alignment.

Infinity Group does performance checks with each client to make sure that the client is staying on goal. Adjustments can be made to the overall plan if needed, and the client will receive ongoing coaching to make sure that more debt is being paid over a shorter period of time than would occur with a traditional debt consolidation program.

The Infinity Group Australia reviews have been phenomenal. Clients of the company report that their spending has been brought under control for the first time in their lives. Some Infinity Group Australia reviews report that the program has allowed clients to become completely debt free, and the clients are remaining debt free by following the budget and spending principles that they learned from Infinity Group representatives.

Getting a handle on one’s debt isn’t an easy task. Graeme Holm and Infinity Group Australia are committed to helping clients achieve true financial independence as long as each client is committed to putting in the hard work that is necessary for becoming and staying debt free.

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