How to Pick the Best Generator for Backup Office Power

by Automotive Published on: 29 May 2018 Last Updated on: 17 September 2018


The global need for power is projected to grow by 30 percent by 2040. The results of this demand will put additional strain on power grids and lead to a higher frequency of blackouts.

Imagine if your business had to shut down for the day as a result of power loss. Or worse, imagine if your restaurant lost weeks worth of food stores due to refrigerators and freezers going out.

How can you protect yourself against that kind of tremendous financial loss?

Fortunately, for many businesses, the answer is a simple one. Just invest in a power generator.

For those looking to invest in a power generator to keep their profits and products safe, it can be difficult to find the best generator.

To help you out, our team has put together a couple of key considerations you should be aware of before you shop.

Portable vs. Standby :

There are two generator types available to your business. Portable and standby.

Portable Generator :

Portable generators are the most popular kind of consumer generator due to their lower cost and flexibility. They are powered by gas and allow you to plug a certain amount of devices into them, which will consequently power those devices.

Depending on the amount of power output your portable generator is rated for, costs can range from $400 to $2000.

Standby Generator :

Standby generators are fixed to a position and responsible for powering a building automatically upon blackout. These are the best devices for businesses that have multiple appliances that would require power during a blackout.

They are powerful and built to propel commercial operations. Their reliability, however, comes at a price.

A generator that can put out 7,000 watts could easily run you close to $5000.00.

Know Your Wattage Needs :

Generators vary in price based on the amount of power they’re capable of putting out.

To determine how much power you need, you have to come up with a rough estimate as to how many watts your key appliances (or whole building) require to keep running.

Look at the label on each of your electronic devices. They should all communicate the number of watts they use. In the absence of such a label, look up averages online and then round up.

Buying a generator with too little power will lead to it malfunctioning due to overload. It’s best to buy a more powerful model when in doubt.

If you’re not sure which generator would best serve your power needs, consider generator hire Sydney. Another option is to hire or rent one from an establishment near you. This will allow you to test the units before buying.

Choose the Best Generator for Your Business :

Having a generator handy in the event of a blackout can improve your business’ ability to stay open and protect its merchandise.

To pick the best generator for your needs, ask yourself if you need a portable or standby model.

Once you’ve decided, figure out the number of watts you need to keep your business running.

Choose a device that meets your requirements.

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