Building Better Teams In Your Business

by Business Published on: 28 March 2022 Last Updated on: 16 March 2023

build a better team

Building a successful company is not easy. It takes time, energy, and a team of people who are willing to work hard for the success of the company.

This can be hard to find people who will put in the time and effort to make your business succeed, especially in today’s employment marketplace. It is not one of those challenges that happen just once, since if you want to grow your business, you will need to hire more and more employees so that there are enough people making decisions and doing all the work.

But hiring the right people is only the first step on a long road. How you can get the very best out of all of your employees? Unless you run a very small business, you will have a number of ‘teams’, each of them carrying out a specific set of tasks for the company.

If the members of these teams are not cooperating together and each team is not working in harmony with the other teams in your organization, the overall efficiency of the business will be reduced. And this will result in lower profits and even, in extreme cases, the failure of the business itself.

Here Are Some Ways To Build Better Teams In Your Business:

  1. Ensure the management team sets and understands the company values and culture.

  2. Make sure that all employees are aware of these values.

  3. Create a process for hiring new employees and evaluating them after they start.

  4. Encourage feedback from employees on how well they think their job is going and how satisfied they are with their job description, as well as being able to give their views on how well the company is meeting its values and cultural standards.

  5. Perhaps most importantly, ensure that there is a proper training programme that addresses how teamwork could be improved.

But What Is A Team?

A team is a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal or reach a certain objective. Teams can be organized in many different ways, some with specific duties and responsibilities, others that are more flexible.

What Is The Goal Of A Team?

The goal of a team is to work together to help make your company successful. Teams are made up of people from different backgrounds and with different skillsets. That’s why it’s important that when you’re building and running your team, you take the time to learn everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. People have different working styles, personalities, or profiles. Putting the ‘wrong’ types of people together will more than likely create tension and resentment whilst also reducing the overall efficiency of the team.

A Little Known Secret Weapon

Everyone is always looking for that ‘silver bullet’, the one that will solve a problem at a stroke. We all know that these rarely (if ever) exist, but there are some that come pretty close.

And when it comes to team building, there is one system that has been proven to vastly improve the performance of any team, regardless of what that team does and produces.

Before revealing this secret, let us recap on what we are trying to achieve.

Teams are, by definition, made up of more than one person and the bigger the team the more diverse the members are likely to be.

This very diversity can cause friction and reduce the level of cooperation within that team, unless the team members all understand more about the other team members, their strengths and weaknesses, how they react to pressure, etc, and more importantly how they can best interreact with them. The team should also celebrate different achievements and support each other. For example, in March, companies are supporting lgbt members so you should explore pride month ideas for work. Teams should be connected no matter how different their life choices are.

This should of course happen over time, but it could take many months for all the ‘rough edges’ to be ‘rubbed off’, and during that time, the team will not be performing to its full potential.

So what if there was a way where you could accelerate this process, in a safe and secure manner and one that all the team members will actually enjoy participating in?

The Answer Is To Use Simulations

Simulations are nothing new. Armies have been using them for centuries in the ‘war games’ that they play when training their troops. Such simulations allow the managers (i.e. the Generals) to see how their troops perform in life-like circumstances. By examining the way that they react it is possible to work out who are natural leaders and who merely follow. Plus of course, the strengths and weaknesses of all can easily be seen. These simulations uncover more than that, though. They also reveal weaknesses in the command structure as well as some different ways of dealing with problems.

In much the same way, business simulations allow a team to ‘get to know each other’, to build a better team spirit, whilst also allowing them to test out new ways of overcoming problems, in the full knowledge, that they can do no harm to themselves, their team, leaders or indeed the business.

So, if you want to build a better team, do consider using a company like Prendo, that can set up scenarios that will test and improve the ability of your business to compete in today’s challenging business environment.

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