Why is trademark registration important for your business?

by Business Security Systems Published on: 10 November 2017 Last Updated on: 27 September 2018

is trademark registration important

To quote Elastigirl from the computer-animated film The Incredibles, “Your identity is your most valuable possession. Protect it.” This holds true not just in case of your own individual identity, but in the case of the identity of your business as well. A loss of identity for your business can lead to the loss of its goodwill and reputation. To guard your business against such mishap, you must adopt appropriate measures. This is where trademark registration comes into the picture. Regardless of the size and nature of your business, your trademark registration can lend it a distinctive, memorable, and unique identity. Outlined below are a few points that highlight the importance of trademark registration for your business.

Ensures exclusivity for your business

Trademark registration is the easiest and the most effective method to secure legal exclusivity for your business in terms of the use of your logo or name or other aspects related to its identity. By registering your trademark, you considerably decrease the risk of being prevented by your rival traders from using your logo or name. It can come as a big blow to any business owner owning a brand if he or she is prohibited from operating or expanding it. Trademark registration acts as a preventive measure against such risks.

Offers protection to your brand

A trademark is meant to distinguish your business or product from that of others. By registering your trademark, you attain protection for your brand throughout the country. In other words, you get the right to use your trademark across the nation. Further, if you intend to expand your brand at the international level, your chances of obtaining rights in foreign countries are enhanced. This can happen even before you actually start trading in those countries.

Provides exclusive right to use, license, and sell your trademark

As a registered owner of a trademark, you obtain certain exclusive rights over it. You obtain the right to use your trademark commercially. This can prove to be very beneficial when you need to execute marketing strategies to enhance brand recognition and ensure growth for your business. Trademark registration enables you to capitalize on your brand’s goodwill by selling your trademark. When dealing with third parties who want to be associated with your brand as franchisees, distributors, etc. you hold the exclusive right to license your trademark to them. This gives you the control to expand your business through third parties while keeping your brand protected.

Prevents unauthorized use

When your trademark is not registered, anybody can use it for their own benefit. To prevent your competitors from taking advantage of your goodwill and making unauthorized use of your trademark, its registration is the only way out. Once you register your trademark, your competitors won’t be able to register a trademark that is similar to yours.

Trademark registration can be a complicated and time-consuming affair. At the Quick company, we ensure easy and fast registration of your trademark. Since its establishment, the trademark registration Quick company has established a track record of offering unparalleled service in the field of trademark registration.

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