5 Work-From-Home Tips for Apartment Renters

by Real Estate 09 January 2019

Apartment Renters

With each passing year, millions of Americans are making the choice to transition away from a traditional office structure and start working remotely from home. And though every setup is unique, apartment renters can face special circumstances and challenges.

Five Tips for Success:

For the average office worker, the notion of working from home might seem ideal. You wake up, work in your pajamas, watch some TV, grab a beer from the refrigerator, work a little more, and so on.

But for most of the people who’ve actually done, this fantasy picture of how one works from home is far from reality. Working from home entails an array of challenges — especially if you live in an apartment with limited space.

Distractions can be particularly frustrating. “In between call and emails, one might make the mistake of wandering into the kitchen where the dishwasher beckons, or the laundry room where piles of laundry lie in wait. Doorbells and barking dogs always go off during the most important of conference calls,” one entrepreneur writes.

“It’s a juggle of a different sort. Rather than office politics, you have home needs competing for your attention.”

If you aren’t careful, the line between your personal and professional life will merge to the point of nonexistence … unless you can establish some boundaries. When you transition into a work-from-home operation, here are five tips that will help you thrive in an apartment setting.

1. Find an Apartment With Onsite Amenities:

If you know you’ll be working from home, it’s vital to find an apartment that offers a range of onsite amenities to meet your unique needs. In addition to an onsite business center with computers, copiers, printers, fax machines, phones, and other basic tools, you should also think a little further outside the box.

Luxury apartments like Catalyst in Charlotte provide such extras as pools and fitness centers, which give their residents an outlet for short but effective health and recreation breaks that are within easy access throughout the day.

2. Create a Work Zone:

Separation is crucial. Within your apartment, you should designate a work zone that will be devoted to work and nothing else.

If your apartment is small, you may have to settle for a corner of the living room. But if you have the space and budget to go for a spare bedroom you may use as an office, you’ll find this is the ideal option.

3. Invest in Noise-Cancelling Headphones:

Regardless of whether you live by yourself, apartments don’t always provide the quietest environment. You may have neighbors above, below, or beside you, and there’s a chance you’ll be distracted by their noise.

In order to reduce the frustrations that come from audible neighbors, invest in a quality set of noise-canceling headphones you can put on whenever necessary. Bose is known for having the most effective selections, but don’t rule out the lesser-known versions from companies like Jabra and Sony. You can read reviews here.

4. Don’t Work Where You Sleep:

When your bed is just a stone’s throw from your desk, it’s tempting to pick up your laptop and lie down with it. As enticing as this may be, it’s better to abide by the simple rule of not working where you sleep.

One time might not hurt, but it can lead to an unhealthy habit of lying in bed whenever you’re working. Not only does this send mixed signals to your brain, but it also increases your chances of dozing off in the middle of the day.

5. Change Up Your Environment:

Though your apartment may be your “office,” it’s a smart move to switch up your environment now and then. Spend the morning at a coffee shop or an afternoon at the park.

Getting out of your living space is good for you and will keep your creative juices flowing more than if you stick to an absolute routine. If nothing else, head down to the apartment business center or lobby for a couple of hours.

Discover What Works for You:

No two people are the same. One craves a dedicated office and zero distractions, while another can work from the kitchen table with the TV yammering in the background.

The key is to recognize this to be the case, and instead of trying to succeed the way everyone around you seems to, discover what works for you and tailor your apartment environment to your needs.

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