The 3 Benefits Of Teaching In Florida

by Job & Career 08 September 2022


Contrary to popular belief, teaching is among the professions with the most lucrative benefits.

Educators enjoy flexible working hours, paid leave, tuition reimbursement, and paid sick leave. So, if you have been toying with becoming a teacher, especially in Florida.

Checkout Three Important Benefits Of Teaching In Florida:

Here are the top benefits you will have at your disposal when you land a teaching job.

1. Loan Forgiveness Programs

Loan Forgiveness Programs

Loan repayment for tuition drains most educators primarily because of the heavy interest rates. Thankfully, the government offers a loan forgiveness program that allows qualified individuals to be interested in working in shortage areas within public schools in Florida.

Successful applicants are eligible for a maximum of $2,500 per year for undergraduate student loans in the four-year learning period. On the other hand, post-graduate teacher loans receive at most $5,000 per annum during their 2-year schooling tenure.

Interested teachers must apply for this program within the first twelve months of their certification and fulfill full-time teaching requirements in a special area.

The longevity of teaching time they meet each year depends on how much assistance Florida teachers of tomorrow want to receive from the program.

A year’s worth of loan forgiveness attracts a year of teaching service, and forgiveness for half the amount warrants 90 days of teaching in the specified schools. Interested students can check out chapter 231.621 of Florida’s statutes for more eligibility information.

2. Comprehensive Health Cover

Health Cover

Florida has an estimated 2.7 million students in public schools and more in private institutions, making it one of the largest systems in the US.

Consequently, the US government has to offer the most lucrative benefits to teachers to ensure teachers’ constant availability around the clock.

Accessing quality and affordable healthcare coverage is mandatory for any American citizen, and teachers in Florida get the best of it. Most other individuals regularly access health care that covers the basics, but the case is quite different for Florida’s teachers.

Aside from health coverage, these educators are eligible for additional perks like vision and dental coverage.

However, these benefits vary from one school to the next and districts. Most importantly, teachers still receive their regular salaries even when on sick leave.

3. Tuition Support

Tuition Support

Tuition is expensive in the US, especially if you enroll in a private university. It can be challenging for regular students to pay for their education without savings or access to repayment-friendly student loans.

However, teachers in Florida are eligible for the exceptional student endorsements (ESE) tuition support program. This tuition support program is available to teachers who indicate they are willing to educate learners with autism and prekindergarten disabilities.

Recipients of this program must have these credentials shown in their certificates for credibility purposes. Additionally, applicants must meet particular criteria to be accepted into the program, which includes:

  • Teach students with the mentioned disabilities for a minimum of one year for every six-hour tuition support they receive.
  • Florida Educator Certificate for Autism Spectrum Disorders endorsements in Exceptional Student Education.
  • Work in a Public School in Florida.
  •  Apply and pay admission fees to a university or college of their choice.
  • Have an interest in earning a bachelor’s degree in deaf education, special education, or visual disabilities

New teachers receive up to 78% reimbursement for their tuition for a maximum of 9 credit hours each academic year.

Wrap Up

Teachers in Florida enjoy a few more perks than other educators around the US. Aside from loan forgiveness, tuition support, and comprehensive health coverage, they access lucrative retirement packages, paid holidays, flexibility in planning their schedules, and paid sick leaves.

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