What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Capital Goods?

by Job & Career 15 May 2023

Best Paying Jobs In Capital Goods

So, are you searching for the best paying jobs in Capital goods? If so, you can follow this article. This industry has a huge impact on the society on a global level. These are some of the important components that help with the production and manufacturing of other products we need on a daily basis.

Most of the products that capital goods help produce are computers, vehicles, machinery, and other tools. Since the industry is huge, there are huge opportunities for jobs in different roles. If you have the talent and the qualifications suited for different job roles, you can get a job in the capital goods industry.

You can always go for jobs in consumer services. But, if you want to choose this industry instead, then I can help.

So, are you interested to get a job in this industry? If so, go through this article to know the different jobs available in this industry.

What Is Capital Goods Industry?

What Is Capital Goods Industry?

Before I proceed further in the topic, let me talk about what the capital goods industry is. Capital goods are the products and goods that help with the production of different goods but are not incorporated or used in those products.

For instance, you need a tool to build certain machinery, but you do not install or integrate that tool into the machine. These can be mining equipment, industrial machines, electrical equipment, etc. The capital goods industry includes different companies.

There are different companies under capital goods. Some of those industries include –

  • Automotive
  • Textile industry
  • Electronics
  • Chemical industry
  • Machinery industry

What Are The Best Paying Jobs In Capital Goods?

There are many different roles to choose from in the capital goods industry. But how many jobs are available in capital goods? If I say a hundred thousand, that would be an understatement. It is a big industry with different niche companies occupying it. Here are some of the most interesting job opportunities for you to try –

1. Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager

Is capital goods a good career path? Yes, it is. Once you have a job role like an Engineering manager, you will have no way to deny it. As an engineering manager, you will be overseeing lots of technical projects and also planning and designing them. Managing the company’s finance and supervising your team of engineers is also another responsibility of this job.

Median Salary$150000
QualificationsBachelor’s degree
Number Of Jobs14,000 jobs available
Job Growth2% till 2030

2. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

As a mechanical engineer, you have to develop manufacturing processes for different equipment. These processes are usually necessary for capital goods and their assembling, installation, and another important aspect. You will also develop lots of testing methods for developed products. You will also be responsible for testing and assuring the quality of products. It is one of the best paying jobs in capital goods.

Median Salary$95000
QualificationsBachelor’s degree
Number Of Jobs277,560
Job Growth10% by 2030

3. Software Developer

Software Developer

As a software developer, you will be in charge of researching, implementing, managing, and overseeing software development processes. You will also have to identify different programs and look for different areas of improvement and find out ways to improve them.

Median Salary$110000
QualificationsBachelor’s degree
Number Of Jobs1,847,900
Job Growth22% by 2030

4. Manufacturing Director

Manufacturing Director

Manufacturing directors oversee the product manufacturing and ensure their performance and quality standards. They also have to review product reports and ensure that the quality, safety, and financial aspects of the products are met.

Median Salary$98,890/year
QualificationsBachelor’s degree
Number Of Jobs478,500
Job Growth8% by 2030

5. Robotics Engineer

Robotics Engineer

Robotics engineers have to design and develop different robotics prototypes, configure them, and debug any problems if they occur. They also have to work on the installation, calibrating, and operations of robots.

Median Salary$95,300/year
QualificationsBachelor’s degree
Number Of Jobs284,900
Job Growth2% by 2030

6. Senior Electrical Engineer

Senior Electrical Engineer

As a senior electrical engineer, you will be designing, developing, and upgrading different electrical equipment and machines. Apart from the technical work, you will also have to do lots of managerial work as a senior electrical engineer. It is one of the best paying jobs in Capital goods.

Median Salary$111600
QualificationsBachelor’s degree
Number Of Jobs314000
Job Growth7% by 2030

7. Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

As an electrical engineer, you have to use your skills and learnings to create different products related to electricity. You also have to check and ensure the compliance and security of these products. If you are asking if any jobs are available in capital goods, the numbers of these jobs might shock you. As an electrical engineer, you will find jobs in consumer and retailer companies like Best Buy.

Median Salary$101,780/year
QualificationsBachelor’s degree
Number Of Jobs30500 by 2030
Job Growth3% by 2030v

8. Warehouse Worker

Warehouse Worker

If you need the best paying jobs in capital goods with a high school diploma, then you can become a warehouse worker. The salary is decent, and you can have a sustainable career opportunity in this job role.

Median Salary$30500 per year
QualificationsHigh school diploma
Number Of Jobs6,473,100
Job Growth6% by 2030

9. Management Analyst

Management Analyst

As a management analyst, you have to conduct and ready operations and procedure manuals to help with the management of a company. You will assure their efficiency of work and help them profit. When looking for the best paying jobs in capital goods, you can choose the role of a management analyst.

Median Salary$93,000/year
QualificationsBachelor’s degree
Number Of Jobs950,600
Job Growth11% by 2030

10. General Operations Manager

General Operations Manager

As a general operation manager of an organization, you will plan and organize daily activities within the organization. You also have to analyze performance data and financial data to create activity reports. It is one of the best paying jobs in capital goods.

Median Salary$98,890/year
QualificationsBachelor’s degree
Number Of Jobs3,402,300
Job Growth6% by 2030

Final Words

The capital goods industry is a huge hub for different industries under it. Some of them are the automotive industry, chemical, and electrical industries. All of these industries have lots of managerial and technical level of jobs that require staffing constantly. If you are looking for the best paying jobs in the capital goods industry, you can check out the ones listed in this article.

Let us know which of the industries interests you the most. You can use the comment box below.

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