Reasons Why Channel Letter Signs Are The Perfect Choice For Your Business

by Business Development Published on: 14 February 2019 Last Updated on: 28 August 2020

Channel Letter Signs

Keeping your business visible using top quality business signs is an important part of attracting customers and marketing your brand. With a well designed and installed Channel Letter sign, you will be able to ensure that your business stands out from the competition.

These signs have become quite popular over the years due to the associated benefits of using them. You can spot them around town at storefronts, strip malls, residential buildings and even religious buildings among others.

If you are a business owner and have been thinking about having Channel Letters installed but are yet to make up your mind, use the list of benefits below as the final motivation to get the sign that your business so desperately needs to remain visible in these highly competitive modern business environment.

Reasons Why Channel Letter Signs Are The Perfect Choice For Your Business:

Channel Letters, The Perfect Outdoor Business Signs:

The best and most effective outdoor signs have a number of characteristics that make them perfect for just about any business. Most importantly, these signs fulfill the three main functions of an outdoor sign. They help communicate essential information about the business, play a huge role in the attraction of customers and help boost the brand image of the entity in question.

Simply put, as a business owner, you cannot go wrong with Channel Letter signs.

Channel Letter Signs: What Are They?

Before we look at some of the main benefits of Channel Letter business signs, let’s take a moment to describe what they are. Channel Letters can be defined as distinct characters, these may be letters or numbers, that when put together result in a business sign. The letters have a 3-dimensional design and are made using metal, mostly aluminum, and acrylic materials.

These flexible signs can either be illuminated or non-illuminated in nature. It is usually up to the owner to decide what they deem fit, as per the requirements of the intended application.

Types Of Channel Letter Signs:

These signs come in a variety of designs; making it possible for you to customize the design to suit your individual preferences. There are three main types of Channel Letter signs as described below.

Front Lit Channel Letter Signs:

These signs are designed with acrylic from the face, aluminum sides (return) and a metal back. Referred to as the standard design, these signs can be customized in a number of different ways to meet the client’s specific preferences.

Halo/Back-lit/Reverse Channel Letter Signs:

This design is considered to be a classic. The signs come with a metal front, aluminum sides and acrylic or clear back. The signs are installed with a standoff, which leads to a halo effect around each letter when lit.

Front And Back Lit Combinations:

This design is a combination of the above-described types. The color of the light on the front face can be different from the halo effect around the sign. The letters have acrylic fronts, aluminum sides, and Lexan or clear backs.

Why Choose Channel Letter Signs:

As previously stated, channel letter signs have seen tremendous growth in popularity over the years. This is due to their associated benefits. Read on to learn more about the main advantages of choosing these outdoor signs for your business.

Improved Visibility:

Channel Letters, as mentioned above, are distinct, 3-dimensional signs that are quite appealing to the eye. Their unique and impressive design enhances their prominence, making them easier to spot from a long distance away. Whether you choose a lit or unlit business sign, you can be sure that they will improve on the visibility of your business.

Boost Brand Image:

Channel letter signs are a sure way to better promote your business and with it attract more customers. A business sign does more than capture the attention of passers-by and potential customers; they communicate intangible elements of your brand. These professionally designed signs show that the business is not afraid to invest in its brand, and give it a professional feel.

To capture and communicate the right elements of your brand, you have the freedom to choose the color, design, lighting, mounting position and size of your channel letters. This ensures that you capture all elements of the brand to perfection.


High-quality channel letters will offer extended service, with minimal maintenance. These signs are made using some of the most durable materials known to man including aluminum and LED lights. Aluminum does not rust and stands up well to the elements for an extended period of time. LED lights are also known to last for years without the need for replacement, even in the most demanding applications.

Energy Efficient:

We live in an age where eco-friendly operations are a trending topic. Businesses looking to operate in an environmentally friendly way can start, or go a step further by having an eco-friendly business sign to invite customers.

Channel letters use LED lights instead of mercury or lead-laden fluorescent and neon lights. This makes them environmentally friendly from the onset. Furthermore, LED lights are known for their low electricity consumption, thereby improving the business’s energy efficiency rating as well. Simply put, with the going-green movement in full swing, channel signs will help you keep up with the times.

Cost Effective:

Every business, no matter how big or small they always strive to stay on top of their costs. These business signs are a cost-effective option. Businesses can enjoy the same level of widespread exposure when using channel letter signs as they would when using costlier promotional alternatives such as radio and TV advertisements.

These signs do not require regular maintenance and are energy efficient; this results in low maintenance costs, if any, and lower utility bills. Even though the initial purchase cost might seem high, quality channel letter signs will serve you for years; enough to make up for this.

After reading the above, the value of channel letters signs should be clear to you. Before ordering your very own business sign, it is recommended that you choose the right professional to handle this important project.

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