Best Areas of St. Albans for Buy-to-Let Property Investment

by Real Estate 25 August 2021

Best Areas of St. Albans

St. Albans is located about 20 miles north of London. It is located in Hertfordshire, just outside of the Greater London area. The medieval cathedral city of St. Albans has a population of roughly 148,000 people. Because St. Albans is in the London commuter belt, it’s a popular spot to live for people who work in the city and elsewhere in the south-east.

Apart from the transport links, St Albans is the popular choice for families as the neighborhood is filled with great schools, excellent healthcare places, and a wide range of entertainment options. St Albans has a city center that is bustling with people and has shops and stores of all prominent brands. Its open green spaces are another attraction as it serves as a great weekend picnic spot for families.

Property Value in St Albans

Property Value in St Albans

St. Albans has a high property price(absolutely worthy for making money through property investment) because of its proximity to London and appeals as a place to reside, as well as a restricted supply of houses. There are a few streets where typical house prices are in the £1-2 million range. According to HM Land Registry records, the average house price in St. Albans is at present £533,281.

The study reveals that St. Albans has done well as a property investment in the past and will continue to do so in the future. According to the poll, St. Albans is one of the “top 10” places outside of London where property prices have climbed the highest in the recent decade. St Albans has always seen a high property demand due to this. Hence it is a good idea to seek the help of letting agents in St Albans ease your property search in St Albans.

Research claims that housing prices in St. Alban have grown by 71% in just ten years. It goes on to say that property worth £500,000 now might be worth £900,000 by 2030. According to this survey, St. Albans is one of the hottest property markets in the United Kingdom. It is possible to find investment property in St. Albans for far less than the average price; but, according to Rightmove and Zoopla, the cheapest property available in St. Albans is now around £140,000.

Rental demand in St Albans

Rental demand in St Albans

The rental market in St. Albans is high as it is in a good location for renting to London commuters. Locals who cannot afford the city’s high property costs prefer to rent here as well. The St. Albans Market Rent Summary is a guide to potential rental revenue for landlords in St. Albans. The average monthly rent in St. Albans is £1,245, according to the report. According to the numbers, typical rentals in St. Albans at present are  £1,018 PCM for a one-bed house, £1,340 PCM for a two-bed property, £1,578 PCM for a three-bed property, £2,499 PCM for a four-bed property, and up to about £2,999 PCM for a five-bed property.

The gross yields of long-lets in the St. Albans AL1 postcode region are on average 3%. AL2 has a 2.3 percent letting yield, AL3 has a 2.7 percent letting yield, and AL4 has a 2.4 percent letting yield.

Best Areas for investing in Buy-to-Let properties

Best Areas for investing in Buy-to-Let properties

Having all the amazing amenities that are most coveted by families, St Albans is a hotspot for buy-to-let investments. Here we have listed the best areas in St. Albans that attract higher returns for your buy-to-let property investment.

– Batchwood, Bernards Heath, and Townsend are some of the districts in North St. Albans. These neighborhoods have easy access to the city center as well as a multitude of green places, including Bernards Heath. This neighborhood also includes St. Albans City Hospital.

– New Greens is a residential development with its own stores and amenities that dates from the 1950s. It is a reasonably priced neighborhood of St. Albans.

– Fleetville, Jersey Farm, Marshalswick, and The Camp are all located to the east of St. Albans. Fleetville is conveniently located near the station and is within walking distance of the city centre. It features a lot of Victorian homes and is very popular with families.

– Jersey Farm is a residential estate that dates back to the 1970s. Marshalswick was formerly a little village that has grown rapidly and is now a desirable residential area. There are several really costly streets here, as well as residences around the average price. In comparison to much of St. Albans, the Camp has many smaller, more affordable properties.

– The Sopwell, St. Stephens, and St. Julian neighborhoods are located south of St. Albans city center. These are all popular residential areas with attractive older homes, easy access to the city center, and excellent road and train connections at St. Albans Abbey.

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