Why Cover Your Property For Power Outage?

by Real Estate 23 April 2021

cover your property

Power outages, also known as blackouts, can cause a lot of problems at homes and businesses. Personal data, information, security, and also profits can get compromised due to sudden power outages.

These issues are commonly faced due to power interruptions and electrical draws, especially when there’s a lot of electricity demand and hence many various equipment share them. Thus, the same power supply.

The reason power outages can be a problem is that they can also put your residence at risk. Issues in the power grid, heat waves, natural calamities, drastic and wild weather can impact electricity services, leading to power outages.

Since this can also threaten your home, you must have insurance to cover your property. So that if the unwanted happens, you can claim your money for the damage to your property.

Through this article, I’ll tell you all the ins and outs of why you should cover your property for a power outage and from whom you can seek help to get this procedure done!!

Covering Your Property For Power Outage: Why??

Power outages can be a “horrific” time for many people, leading the whole city into darkness and creating “havoc” among people.

These blackouts not only leave people in a state of panic but can also damage their electronic devices like computers, mobile phones( if connected to the charging port), refrigerators, televisions, and many more.

This is why most home insurance policies cover these losses, mainly when caused by natural disasters like floods, lightning, and storms. According to many statistics, it has been found that most of these blackouts are caused by lightning.

It also has been found that approximately 3 to 4 percent of home insurance claims are due to lightning which resulted in a power outage that cost the electronic devices of many homeowners to demolish!!!

According to the Insurance Information Institute, it has been estimated that damage of around 800 million dollars was done by lightning to many homeowners.

In the USA, the most common insurance policy of the homeowners is the “HO-3.” It stands for “Homeowners-3.” This policy system provides a broad range of coverage for the calamity, which means the homeowners within the coverage don’t have to worry about their property claims.

Although, there’s no policy for the food damages caused by a power outage due to the deterioration of the refrigerator or even the freezer. And only a few of the companies might cover food damage. But that’s very rare!!!

Taking The Help of A Friend: The Public Adjusters

Public adjusters are those professionals who work on behalf of you to settle your claim from the insurance company.

They are highly experts in their fields and will always be there for you no matter what. Public adjusters are trained to support you and to lower the level of stress from your shoulders.

It can be a hectic job convincing and running around insurance companies to get your claim settled. This is where public adjusters will show up. They will give a widespread examination of the things that were compromised during a power outage.

Now, you must know that whenever you choose your public claims adjuster, you must ensure that he’s well experienced in this field and grasp all the information required to make your claim strong and firm!!!

Prepare Yourself During Blackouts

Blackouts can be a severe issue at times. Moreover, it’s not sure when you might face a power outage. But you indeed can predict one when the weather is “not in the best mood.”

During such times, it’s natural for a complete blackout, so make sure you take the following steps during such crisis:

Know The Details Of Your Medical Stock

Medications are one of the necessary implements, and you need to know all the ins and outs of your drugs. There are chances that during a blackout due to bad weather, it might not be possible for you to fetch the remedies from medical stores.

That’s why to stay prepared!!! Ask your medical providers about the time these medications can stay in warm temperatures because, during the power outage, you might not be able to use your refrigerator. So stay informed!!!!

Have A Proper Storage Of Food

You don’t know the lights might shine up again!! So you must have a good amount of nonperishable food and clean water for this unwanted trouble.

Always make sure not to open your refrigerators and freezers frequently as this might damage them. Usually, refrigerators can keep your food cold for approximately four hours without the support of electricity.

And freezers will back you up for 48 hours at most!! Therefore, you can use ice if necessary to increase the duration!!

Monitor the temperature of your food at a regular interval. If you see that the food temperature rose to 40 degrees or more, don’t consume the food; THROW IT OUT IMMEDIATELY!!!

Use The Right Appliances Only

During times of complete blackout, install carbon monoxide indicators with full battery backups in different locations and areas of your residence.

The reason it’s important is carbon monoxide is very poisonous, and this can prove fatal if inhaled in large quantities. During times of complete blackout, it’s highly advisable not to use generators or even burn charcoals to keep your home w

If it’s essential, then use it outdoors and approximately 20 feet from your doors and windows.

When you burn charcoal, wood, or any other items to keep your home warm, then this releases carbon monoxide, and as the amount of this gas increases, this can have a fatal outcome over you.

So make sure not to use any of these during blackouts. Not at least in your homes!!

Final Verdict

As you can see, power outages can be a real issue. And this can too damage your properties.

Therefore, make certain that you know all the details about the policy systems of these. So that if the unwanted happens, you, along with your public adjuster, can bring out a good settlement claim for your properties.

I hope this article will now guide you to know why covering your property for a power outage is essential.

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