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by Customer Service 23 July 2021

digital loyalty cards

As a business owner, you want to look for effective ways to attract new customers and increase your sales. You may need to offer promotions and incentives to do that. An effective way to enjoy more benefits is by providing digital loyalty cards to customers. It can do everything, from retaining customers to increasing your reach.

Loyalty programs already exist even during the 18th century. Merchants gave their customers copper tokens to redeem discounts when they purchase something from them in the future. Since then, loyalty programs are a huge part in connecting to customers. The concept behind it remained until the present century.

Plus, incorporating the mobile loyalty apps programs is a great influence over the consumer experiences. And consumer faith and trust over your brands are going to increase.

8 Striking Benefits Of Using Digital Loyalty Punch Cards

8 Striking Benefits Of Using Digital Loyalty Punch Cards

Digital loyalty programs are a little bit different concept than traditional loyalty programs. For increasing brand loyalty, the digital loyalty programs concepts are outstanding. 

They first introduce a new personalized customer experiences era through the revolutionized and brand loyalty boosting. Your service and the customer’s satisfactions boh are going to reach up the target. 

An exchange offer is undoubtedly the smart move. To process, the exchange services offer your customers digital loyalty punch cards.

Here are eight benefits of digital loyalty cards.

1. Protection Against Fraud 

When you are thinking about the loyalty punch card, the names of the paper-made cards are first coming to your mind. Paper loyalty cards are easy to collect and easy to make. So there is always a high chance of fraud and miss management of the information.

For example, one employee of the company can easily distribute the loyalty stamp among their family and friends without alarming the higher authority. And even the customers can misuse the cards facility.

However, when you use digital loyalty cards. Because every card holds unique numbers as the identifications, and after the scanning, the company will get all the information and consumer data for checking.

2. Send E-mails 

2. Send E-mails 

With digital loyalty cards, you can get your customers’ e-mail addresses. This means that you can inform them about any actions through e-mails. With traditional loyalty cards, you need to ask your customers’ addresses with pen and paper. After that, you need to enter them into the list and copy them into the e-mail program.

If you choose digital loyalty cards over paper ones, the e-mail addresses are directly included in the customer base. All you have to do is to send a message in just a few clicks. You can also personalize the message for a group or an individual customer.

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3. Saving Statistics 

After a paper loyalty card is submitted, gifts are then issues. However, you have no idea how much exactly and to whom. While you can keep some registrations, it’s a time-consuming task.

However, if you switch to digital loyalty cards, the job is done automatically. It will tell you which customers come to purchase often and which point collection actions are successful. Plus, the software will register which reward is earned by a specific customer.

4. Personalized Service 

Most customers bring their smartphones with them all day. Once they give their e-mail addresses or phone numbers upon signing the app, you have a great chance to connect with them directly. In fact, you can offer more personalized customer experiences with your brand.

You can send the new members a welcome e-mail that introduces them to the exclusive VIP club. You can also send them codes during their birthdays that they can use to redeem free digital loyalty cards in-store or directly speak to them using their first name. These small gestures can provide a special experience with the brand.

5. Tailored Rewards 

5. Tailored Rewards 

Determining what your customers are buying and how much they spend is essential when digitalizing your reward programs. You also need to figure out how often they make purchases.

Once you determine these things, you can start tailoring your offers that appeal most to them and meet their specific needs. Plus, your other regular customers who buy your items consistently can enjoy free shipping if they make a purchase before Friday.

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6. Ease of Use and Convenience 

According to the CodeBroker survey conducted in 2018, roughly 97% of millennials agreed that they had actively engaged with various loyalty programs if they can access any reward information directly on smartphones.

Beware that millennials have more spending more power than other generations. Hence meeting up their expectations are more advantageous for the business handlers.  Moreover, now in 2021, almost everyone is using a smartphone and reaching out to your customers and offering them the digital loyalty cards rae easier to work on. Even now, you can set up a separate application program for your digital loyalty cards.

7. Spontaneous Rewards

Combining the digital loyalty programs and the reward event, a very clever idea makes a long-lasting impression on the consumers. As a result, many successful brands are announcing the reward present for the consumer’s on their birthdays. When you announce the reward on the customer’s birthday, you make them feel unique and valued.

Through the smartphone and email, you can simply send digital loyalty cards to claim the prize. After they click or open the text, then the prize is getting revealed. These promotions are quite effective in increasing consumer engagements, and fun factors are undeniable.

An entry into a draw to win something, a discount, or free coffee, and other small tokens of gratitude are enough to keep your customers on their toes and excite them.

8. Direct Communication 

Lines of communication between your brand and your customers are among the most significant digital loyalty cards and program benefits. You can take advantage of loyalty platforms that allow you to send SMS and notifications directly to your customers.

That simple action allows your business to deliver the right message to the right customers at the right time. For instance, you can configure your digital loyalty program to automatically send SMS to customers who have not made any transaction within seven days.

Once they receive those messages, they will feel appreciated and recognized. Plus, your brand will be at the forefront of their minds.


When there are lots of competition, you will find it challenging to retain your customers. Good thing digital loyalty cards come into the scene. They offer you unlimited, innovative ways to engage with your customers and build a stronger relationship with them. Plus, you can even personalize their experiences with your brand.

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