The Benefits of Buying a Diesel Engine For Your Construction Vehicles

by Automotive Published on: 16 May 2018 Last Updated on: 28 August 2020

Construction Vehicles

More than 800,000 diesel engines are used in construction today. But why all the hype?

Gasoline-powered engines can pack a punch too, right?

Whether you’re starting a business or already have one it’s worth your time to consider the diesel.

While there are benefits to gasoline engines, they just don’t compare to diesel. Whether you’re looking to power a backhoe or a tractor diesel will get the job done better.

What, exactly, are the benefits of choosing a diesel engine for your construction vehicle? Read on to find out.

Diesel Engine Efficiency :

Diesel-powered engines offer major advantages over gasoline when it comes to efficiency.

Great gas mileage and better fuel economy both contribute to this.

It may be tempting to look at fuel prices and go with the often-cheaper gasoline option, but ultimately buying diesel will save you money. Though it may cost more up front to fill your vehicle with diesel, diesel will actually last you longer than the same amount of gasoline.

Overall, diesel engines tend to be around 15 percent more efficient than gas engines.

Diesel Engines Are Cost Efficient :

When comparing engines you’ll likely notice that diesel-powered engines cost more. But as with fuel, the costs are more efficient.

Due to their higher resale value, diesel-powered vehicles will save you more in the long run. Diesel engines also last longer than gasoline engines.

Longevity Benefits :

One major benefit to diesel engines is the lack of certain tune-up needs. Certain gasoline engine parts such as spark plugs and distributors aren’t found in diesel engines and therefore don’t need regular tune-ups.

Diesel goes through fewer steps to power your engine than gasoline does, so there aren’t as many parts that need to be maintained. This lessened need for repairs gives you a more dependable vehicle.

Power Capability :

Power capacity is probably one of the most important things to consider when purchasing engines for your construction vehicles. Consider your needs as you compare options. If you’re looking for something powerful, go with diesel.

Diesel engines, such as those produced by, are made to withstand the workloads you’re likely needing in your construction. They also have greater towing capabilities than gas engines.

Safety Features :

While any engine comes with safety issues, there are fewer to consider when choosing diesel over gasoline. Diesel doesn’t ignite as quickly as gasoline. It is also less likely to explode when exposed to sources of high heat.

Fumes are minimized with diesel engines as compared to gasoline. Lower amounts of harmful chemicals, such as carbon monoxide, make for a safer engine to operate.

Though these benefits exist, don’t let your guard down. Always take safety precautions when working with engines and ensure your workspace is well ventilated.

Made for Construction :

Ultimately, the diesel engine is a perfect match for any construction vehicle. Whatever work you’re looking to get done, diesel is your best option.

Cost and performance efficiency alone would make a good argument, but the power also can’t be beaten.

If you’re looking to get the job done in a powerful and efficient manner, diesel engines are the way to go.

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