Why should one Rent Cars on Cash and not Credit Cards?

by Automotive 29 January 2019

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Credit cards form the backbone of financial industry in the modern time. From extravagant shopping to purchasing of essentials, credit cards have added conveniences to regular handling of expenses. The latest vogue among people is to rent cars using credit cards.

However, despite its surging popularity, there is a substantial population that has no possession of credit cards. They must not feel drops of perspiration on their tensed brows. People that have no access to credit cards can use avail cash car rentals without a hassle. This write-up will discuss the pros of renting cars on cash.

No scope of electronic glitches:

Manual handling of money is always convenient. It is not susceptible to technical fallouts that often plague processing of credit or debit cards in electronic machines. Furthermore, almost every car retailer has provision for receiving cash payments along with the options of debit and credit card payment methods. Therefore, one can opt for cash car rentals even without proper access to payment cards.

Free of transaction costs:

Payment on cash is appealing to a vast number of people as it entails no transaction costs. As per the online surveys, customers are often reluctant to use online payment methods since they are required to pay this inevitable cost to the financial intermediaries. If you opt for cash car rentals, you will not be subjected to the fee charged by banks that let you use credit or debit cards. A substantial number of people have shown an inclination for renting cars on cash due to the absence of transaction fees.

Convenience in the handling of tangible money:

Disciplined maintenance of bank records requires an individual to be meticulous and always alert. However tangible handling of currencies eases the customers’ dealing in online payment records. Several people feel that the manual practice of money counting in availing cash car rentals eliminates the hassles of bookkeeping thereby utilizing their fortunes whenever necessary. It lessens the scope of domination and regulation imposed by global commercial entities on their personal spending.

Not susceptible to cyber threats:

Digital advancement is not without its menace. The instances of cyber threats in form hacking of personal information are prevalent in our society. Renting cars by using electronic cards make one vulnerable to these perils. Online processing of card information can be manipulated by dishonest retailers or hackers with the intention of robbing the service users. On the other hand, cash car rentals can actually save one from such inconveniences since cash payment is instantaneous and entails no security challenges.

No liability of interest payment:

People are inclined towards the use of cash for renting or purchasing purposes as it has no liability of interest payment, unlike the credit cards. When an individual uses his saved money for renting of a car, he averts the burden of paying interests or late fee involved in the use of a credit card. Thus, the payment in cash enables a person to allocate his personal fund at his own responsibility.

The advantages of renting cars on cash have been discussed in this article. It is hoped that the above discussion will motivate the readers to avail car rentals on cash payment without being unhesitant.

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