A Beginner’s Guide To SARMs: The Latest Performance Enhancing Supplement

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In the past few years, Google searches for SARMs have shot up in a major way. Every fitness influencer on social media seems to be talking about this revolutionary new performance-enhancing drug.

Some have gone on to say that SARMs are one of the best and most effective supplements to boost muscle mass and bone density.

However, the questions remain- is it true or should we dismiss them as another magic remedy boosted by propaganda?

In this article, we try to shed light on some elementary issues on SARMs. From discussing what they are and why are they gaining popularity in addressing some criticisms, we discuss and talk about all sides of the issue.

SARMs: Meaning and Definition

The term SARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. There is a common misconception that SARMs are similar to Anabolic Steroids, when in fact, they are not.

This misconception has arisen because of the fact that both SARMs and Steroids work in quite a similar manner. In other words, both trigger androgen receptors by sticking to tissues to boost testosterone. The end goal is to increase the male hormone testosterone, which helps in protein synthesis and leads to the development of muscles in our body.

Many people feel that it is better to compare SARMs with Peptides, rather than with Steroids, because of their nature and applications.

SARMs are being aggressively developed and researched upon by health and pharma companies. This is because early-stage trials have thrown up a lot of positive results in the area of diseases, which cause a loss of muscles and bone tissues. For example, osteoporosis, cancers, heart failures, renal diseases are all being looked at from the vantage point of SARMs.

Why is there a lot of Positive Publicity for SARMs in the Medical Industry?

In the past few years, research on leading SARMs like Ostarine has led experts to the following empirical conclusions-

  • The negative side effects of using SARMs are very little or negligible.
  • SARMs focus on selective body tissues and not affect others, unlike steroids.
  • Positive results from trials in women suffering from osteoporosis.
  • Have very less influence on the development of the male hormone, testosterone.
  • Exhibit similar properties to the ones found in naturally occurring peptides.

Many experts point out that SARMs like Ostarine help you get all the benefits of anabolic steroids, without having to suffer from any of the negatives.

This is primarily because while steroids lead to the development of the male hormone, testosterone in different tissues all over the body, SARMs address only those issues, which require assistance for development.

Which Category of Individuals should take SARMs?

If you are someone who cares about how you look, are interested in fitness-related activities then you need to start following the discussion on SARMs. People who have recovered from serious illnesses, which have led them to experience a lot of muscle loss and weak bones, should also look at what SARMs are all about and how do they work. People who fall into this situation must carefully search all facts about these proven peptides. A fact check is always recommended.

According to healthcare experts and scientists, SARMs help in the following four major functions-

1. Lean Muscle and Mass Building-

We all want to look nice, healthy, and ensure that we have a great personality. No matter how much you would like to argue against the same, good muscle mass on the body is a great boost for our personalities. It also opens up a lot of possibilities when it comes to job opportunities, relationships, and other areas. SARMs help in the development of lean muscle mass.

2. Fat-Burning Properties-

People who are looking to lose weight do so many things to achieve their objectives. From sweating it out in the gym to cutting down on their food intake. However, sometimes the results are far from what we expect. SARMs can help in reducing weight because of their tested fat-burning properties. It cuts down on unwanted body fat and promotes lean muscle development.

3. Endurance Sports and Activities-

Some of us would want to run as part of our daily healthy routine. Others might want to take up swimming and look to improve endurance. According to researchers, if you are seriously working out and taking SARMs as a supplement, you will see a marked improvement in your levels of endurance. You will be able to run longer and swim further.

4. Recovering from Illnesses-

The last category of individuals, which should look to engage with SARMs are the ones who are sick, or on the recovery trail. As we have already pointed out, SARMs have shown great positive results when it comes to improving one’s bone density from the onset of osteoporosis. Some trials in cancer and heart patients are also showing positive results.

What is the Legal Status of SARMs?

Many people who try to discredit SARMs point out this very fact. They state that SARMs are still not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA).

However, there is more to it than meets the eye. To begin with, there is a strong lobby at work, which does not want the word to get out about the benefits of SARMs. If you are looking for a comparison, the anti-CBD lobby is a good analogy.

There are vested interests who feel that if the advantages of SARMs are made public, a lot of people would move from their products and investments and start using SARMs.

The person who led the creation of SARMs, Professor John Dalton, is one of the most widely respected medical scientists in the world. Experts feel that some more research and clinical trials are still required to ensure complete legal certifications.

FYI- Ostarine has been successful in Stage Three Clinical Trials and has now been pushed to the fourth one!

There are some very good and credible companies, which are trying to push for approval and are still sticking to online platforms for selling SARMs like Ostarine and others.

The Final Word

Taking any supplement, or performance-enhancing drug is a personal choice. Just like waking up at 5 am in the morning and going to the gym is. However, whatever be the case, there is no doubt that the efficacy of SARMs is enough to cause a massive disruption in the health and fitness industry.

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