How To Automate Dropshipping On Walmart

by Business Development Published on: 25 March 2023 Last Updated on: 29 March 2023

Automate Dropshipping On Walmart

Dropshipping business is a perfect model for entrepreneurs who do not want to produce, store, and deliver any goods but still want to receive profit from sales. The drop shipper’s profit goes from the difference between the supplier and sales prices–drop shipper commissions. Dropshipper is responsible for online store organization and for taking and distributing orders. Dropshippers can perform the whole business chain by themselves or outsource some tasks.

If you want to focus only on stores or orders, you can hire additional personnel or use automation tools. Also, to simplify the creation and promotion of online stores, you can use existing marketplaces – Walmart, Shopify, Scalehat, and eBay – where all new stores are created based on the templates. Automatization tools can help even in organizing product cards from your source markets to the target markets. Walmart can be a target market and, with some restrictions, a source market. So, let’s focus on available automatization tools and their proposed possibilities.

Benefits Of Walmart Marketplace

Walmart is not only a popular American retail shop, but it has also become an online platform where Dropshipper vendors can be qualified for particular categories of goods. Also, you can dropship from Walmart to eBay, Shopify, or Fulfilment by Amazon. Furthermore, to accelerate growth, Walmart proposes a 2-day delivery fulfillment service, exceptional customer service, an easy return policy, and sponsored advertisements, allowing customers to find products faster, increasing traffic and conversion. All these features make Walmart one of the fastest-growing marketplaces in the USA.

Dropshipping on Walmart is similar to other marketplaces like eBay or Amazon. But Walmart is checking quality deeper; newcomers have no subscription costs; the platform charges only referral fees with each sale between 6 to 20%. Walmart’s online store audience is more than 120 million visitors per month.

Automation Tools For Walmart

Automation tools are recommended if your budget allows you to expand your dropshipping business by opening new stores, taking more orders, and improving tracking without mistakes.

There are several ways for automatization, separate tools for automatization only parts of the dropshipping business and all-in-one applications:

Tools For Helping During The Walmart Application Process

These types of services are unique due to Walmart’s strict rules. The drop shipper needs to upload the Business license number or Tax ID, supporting documents, history of eCommerce success, and other complying documentation that you are able to produce and deliver goods per Walmart Prohibited Policy and Walmart Fulfillment services. The automation services help you go through all six application steps effortlessly.

Tools For Product Listing

This tool helps quickly pull out catalogs from the most used source marketplaces to Walmart without any software requirements. For example, Sellbrite’s user-friendly interface integrates with Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Etsy. For Amazon listings, another good example is the Zentail publishing catalog with minimal errors.

Tools For Product Research

If you already reach the top sales in your product category and want to sell other products, then research tools are helpers to reduce search time. With tools like Algopix, you can easily add or create a wide product mix attractive for Walmart customers. You will receive an estimated profit margin and sales volumes with such tools. It is essential to search for Walmart tools, as target customers are different for other marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay.

Tools For Repricing

You can already find the free automation tool for repricing on Walmart’s official website. This tool reprices goods in your catalog per a defined strategy and monitors competitors’ prices. Such tools protect you from removal from product catalogs because your price is unreasonable. In addition, some external repricers such as Flashprice or Seller Active use the latest AI achievements.

Advertising Tools

Even though Walmart proposers Customers targeted banner ads and show product categories based on audience preferences, you may want to enlarge your auditory with other advertising campaigns. You can advertise through Walmart’s Media Group or use third-party advertising platforms. The tools like Teikametrics offer AI-optimized advertising solutions for Walmart customers; you receive profitability insights and proactive performance notifications.

Tax Management Tools

If you do not know the legal tax requirements for your state or type of business and do not have an accounting specialist on your team, then a proper tax management tool is a must-have for your dropshipping business at Walmart. Tools like TaxJar will make all required tax calculations for your Walmart store and your other stores on Shopify, Amazon, etc.

Tools To Track Delivery/Shipments

A two-day shipping badge is a powerful marketing sign for all customers at Walmart. To succeed at Walmart, you must use trustable delivery tools that can take fulfillment without mistakes. Although some apps have shown stable performance for years, Deliverr has all-inclusive pricing without hidden fees for logistic services.

All-In-One Tools

These all-in-one tools are the most interesting as they are able to perform almost all separate tasks. You can find Walmart automation tools and use them starting from the application process and further to set up a professionally designed website for the store, make listings, monitor stocks and prices, and most importantly, product fulfillment. Some tools like EcomCircles propose marketplace consultations to increase your sales and maximize conversion.

The only disadvantage of most automation tools is that the good ones cost money, but you will quickly return your investments from your increased profit.


There are many different opportunities to scale your business with automation tools. Some tools can provide full service, from opening new stores to order fulfillment, and some are focused on separate tasks. But all apps significantly reduce your working time and help to optimize business most efficiently. For example, with automation tools, you can find new products to sell, enlarge your audience with an advertising campaign or improve your customer service with online tracking of production and delivery steps. In addition, Walmart has strict application terms and requirements for supplied goods, so if you fulfill all requirements and use automation tools, you can be sure to build a successful dropshipping business at Walmart with more than 100 million customers.

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