How to Organize an Automotive Business without a Car

by Automotive 24 October 2018

Automotive Business

Research the market:

Not unless there is a demand for used cars in the area, your automotive business will not likely be profitable. Therefore, before getting down to business, you need to do an assessment of current demands. Select a location for the dealership and research the population of used cars sold in ten miles to the location in a span of one year. Research the purchases to determine the percentage of vehicle types on sale. Make note of the models and makes of the vehicles selling more frequently. You will then make notes on competitors and what they offer.

Reduce the rate of employee turnover:

Establishing consistency and reliability is very important when running the automotive business without a car. This is quite hard to accomplish when the turnover rate is high among employees which can lead to new workers without experience who require guidance to become better mechanics which will take time. Reduce the turnover rate of employees by treating them well, providing good benefits and pay them well. This will make customers comfortable working with your shop when they keep seeing similar mechanics each time they come for mechanical work. It is not easy to trust a shop when different mechanics work on the vehicle during each visit.

Have guarantees for your work:

Make sure that your customers trust your work by providing guarantees on your repairs for some time and a number of miles. Of you repair brakes, for example, this will assure them that your job is not shoddy, making them come back after a few months for the work to be done again. Offer them reasons to trust your job and give them many reasons to keep coming back to your shop in the near future.

Formulate an ethical statement and display it:

Provide them unease that people have when working with the auto mechanic, come up with an ethical statement to describe your stand on trustworthy work and honesty. State that you offer services that are reliable and that you are not after scamming anyone. Explain that you will provide the required services and repairs and will not charge for unnecessary services. After creating this statement, display it in a place that is prominent where everybody can see it like in the guestroom.

Look for a way to reward loyal customers:

If you are running an automotive business without a car, you need to ensure that you appreciate your regular customers to feel appreciated for being loyal. Send them coupons for discounts or free oil change on frequent bases. You may experience losses in revenue but you will end up paying in the long run as you begin building your client base that comes for repairs and refuses going elsewhere. Also, those clients also have the likelihood of referring you to family and friends.

Employ automotive scheduling software:

Possessing a vehicle that is running has been necessary for many people and the last thing needed is an individual to lack car for several days due to overbooking and missed appointments. Using the automotive service scheduling program will reduce overbookings and missed appointments while saving you valuable time and creating a reliable and consistent service.

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