5 Advantages Of Starting A Business In Belize

by Starting a Business 30 November 2022

Starting A Business

If you are looking to start a business in the Caribbean or Latin America, then you should consider starting in Belize. There are many forex brokers in Belize, making it a hotspot for brokers from all around the world. Even if your main interest is not investing, there are great benefits to opening up a business there.

Known for its laidback culture, but also its highly productive nature, Belize holds a GDP of 11-15%. It’s especially a good choice for those holding an interest in agricultural commodities, making it a great opportunity.

If you are planning to open a business, here are a couple of benefits that you may enjoy.

5 Benefits Of Starting A Business In Belize

Starting A Business In Belize

1. Stable Currency

Belize may not be using the American dollar (USD), but it does use the Belizean dollar (BZD). This currency is directly pegged to the U.S. dollar, with 2 BZD rated to 1 USD. This means that investing in Belize will have the same economic advantages as investing in Panama or El Salvador.

Stable Currency

With its stable currency, you will be safe from potential currencies that can affect the economy.

2. Advantageous Tax System

Businesses everywhere have a lot of headaches when it comes to taxes. Belize is considered to be a tax haven. Foreigners in particular can enjoy a multitude of tax benefits, including tax exemptions on all kinds of profits and transactions.

Tax System

Plus, foreigners that have a residence in Belize or have an open bank account there will not have to pay income taxes on the overseas profit. This means that if you have a bigger business spread across the borders of Belize, you won’t have any obligations to the government.

3. Great Geographic Location

Belize is close to Mexico and Guatemala, meaning that you get good connections to all the major markets. The country may be small, but it has numerous ports. Thus, you can easily export agricultural goods and more, expanding your business throughout America and all over the world.

Geographic Location

Even if you start with a small business, there is a high possibility of growth.

4. High Life Quality

As if the tax incentives and stable currencies were not enough, Belize also enjoys a high quality of life. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why so many people retire to Belize.

High Life Quality

The English language is the basis of the country, the weather is idyllic, and the local culture is also very friendly. Plus, property taxes are very low, meaning that you can easily create an empire without blowing all of your money on rent.

5. Companies Are Easily Registered

In many states throughout the United States (and even countries all over the world), registering your business comes with many headaches. However, in Belize, the process takes two days at most, without any roadblocks.

Companies Are Easily Registered

You don’t need that much capital either, making it a good choice for entrepreneurs that are just starting their careers.

The Bottom Line

Belize is a great place for you to get your business going. Whether you intend to start your business there or simply invest in their stocks, the country brings numerous financial advantages. You just need to take the leap.


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