6 Ways Pre-Employment Assessments Will Help You Hire the Best People

by Business Development 01 October 2018

Pre-Employment Assessments

Perhaps one of the most time-consuming and exhausting tasks a business owner has to oversee is the hiring process. However, it is an absolutely necessary one to ensure that your business is being operated by qualified individuals. Depending on how well your business is doing, you could easily see dozens of applications of interested employees wanting to join your workforce. Without a procedure in hand to sort through those applications, you could be wasting valuable time trying to find the perfect employee to hire.

That’s where pre-employment assessments come into play. Not every business uses them, but those that do have found these six positive benefits of including pre-employment assessments like the Berke Assessment in their hiring process.

1. Save Time:

Simply put, having a pre-employment assessment saves you and your business time. Those who are typically unqualified for certain positions won’t make it past the first assessment. They’ll realize early on that they don’t have the skills or education required for the position and withdrawal their application. This, in itself, decreases the number of applications that your team has to go through. It also dwindles down the amount of time it takes to go through those applications. The pre-employment assessments can easily sort out those who are highly-qualified from those who are mediocre to those who possess no qualifications at all. This allows you to divert your team to the section you are most interested in hiring.

2. Find the Best People:

As mentioned before, the pre-employment assessments can help divvy up the applicants into categories based on qualifications. Your hiring team can then go through the pile of qualified applicants and find the best of the best among them. Without a pre-employment assessment, you may have missed this applicant among the crowd of all other applicants. With the pre-employment assessment, however, they were able to shoot right to the top, allowing you to add a valued member to your workforce.

3. Screen Applicants Legally:

With many lawyers and applicants looking to find a way to sue companies over discrimination, the pre-employment assessment can offer a safe way to screen-out applicants without discrimination. This can save your business time and money from having to appear in court over a misunderstanding. Instead, the pre-employment assessment allows you to screen-out applicants based on skills alone. There’s no room for legal maneuvering from lawyers.

4. Remove Any Bias:

Too often, during interviews, a connection might be made between the recruiter and the applicant. While this isn’t always a bad thing, it can sometimes form a bias on the part of the recruiter. They may turn a blind eye to some of the faults the applicant possesses because they have formed a fast friendship with this applicant. A pre-employment assessment removes that bias. Because the assessment is focused on skills and skills alone, the recruiter has to follow a script. This leaves little room for biases to form and the assessment can garner the required information in a standard way for all applicants.

5. Save Money:

Time is money. If you’re saving time, then you’re saving money. Whether you have a large team of recruiters or a small one, if you’re working them hard to find the perfect employee, then you’re likely spending a lot of money on them. You can fast-track this process by utilizing pre-employment assessments to cut through the mess of applicants and bring forth only the qualified ones. This saves your recruiters time, energy, and probably money, too, in trying to find qualified applicants for your business. By focusing your search, you can save money.

6. Determine an Employee’s Loyalty and Dedication:

Through a series of personality tests and skills tests, the applicants will show their dedication to wanting the job by going through it all. Those who aren’t as passionate about joining your team will eventually withdrawal. This leaves those who are serious about working for you. In return, this helps you determine the loyal employees to those who are merely only interested in sticking around for a small amount of time. Because a thriving business does well with loyal employees, pre-employment assessments can help you weed out disinterested from dedicated.

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