Office Clichés Often Heard At Work

by Small Business 09 November 2017


Clichés are common in everyday conversation, and even moreso around the office. But, what if someone keeps using a cliche that you don’t understand? Thanks to Headway Capital, here are common office cliches and their meaning.


The first cliché is a low hanging fruit, which means that the task is way too easy. It may mean that you are lazy. Some people do not know the extent of their cliché affecting people around them.


The second cliché is to run something up the flagpole, implying that people need to hear about something from the person expecting them to salute. It should be noted that people who are new to the United States may not understand every cliche they come across. It might confuse them as they speak another language besides English with its own set of cliches.


The third cliché to peel back the layers of an onion implies a thorough approach to investigate a problem. An onion has many layers that you have to peel, particularly the first layer which is not the part you get to eat.


The fourth cliché is to square the circle which means to attempt to make a circle a square or otherwise achieve something impossible.


Likewise, the fifth cliché is the phrase reinvent the wheel is about inventing something new without changing the old. Also an impossible likelihood of a task, this phrase is often used.


If somebody says we need to break down silos as the sixth cliché, this means to talk to people more, to build some more teamwork.


The 7th cliché involves pushing the envelope means to extend the limits of performance at whatever task you are trying to accomplish.


The 8th cliché is to organize ducks in a row means to make something be put in order likened to a line.


To play hardball, the 9th cliché is about playing a challenging game instead of softball; it is also about being more forceful.


The 10th cliché involves keeping somebody in the loop or keeping them informed of things.



Poster Source: Headway Capital,

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