The Dynamic World of Business, POS and Printers

by Technology Published on: 30 June 2017 Last Updated on: 14 July 2021

Office equipment A point of sale receipt printer printing a receipt

Printer-related technology has come a long way ever since they were incorporated into commercial use and currently they are considered as essential accessories for not just the average computer user, but also businesses regardless of the size of the business or the type of industry.

Most businesses use printers in their offices for printing documents that are critical to their operations and apart from that one other particular use of printers that is pivotal to businesses is for the POS (Point of Sale) systems. POS Printer Paper Rolls and Ink Ribbons systems typically print out receipts that are used as ‘proof of purchase’, however, the type of printers used at POS counters and the accessories that are used vary significantly in terms of cost and efficiency, and effectiveness. Therefore choosing the right ‘configuration’ is critical towards being cost-effective as POS systems that are ‘configured’ to be optimal, have the potential to cause operational disruptions besides being ‘high cost’ business requirements.

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The printer variants are equally diversified as the businesses that require them if the types of papers, toners, and cartridges are taken as determinants. From the conventional dot matrix, laserjets, inkjets, bubble jets, or even copiers from Xerox that also function as printers to the A4 paper types or foolscap that have different weights that include 60, 70, 80, 90, 120 GSM that only require ‘light impact printers’ to 2ply or 3ply paper that carbon copy and usually requiring the use of high impact printers such as the dot matrix.

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Although the dot-matrix printer is among the few types of printers that have stood the test of time-based on the fact that other newer generations of printers have been discontinued from production due to the high cost of ink that consumers eventually gave up on such as the bubble jet, there thermal printer which prints exclusively on thermal paper rolls has taken on new life and moved into mainstream business use from being an exclusive ‘credit card’ accessory as currently these thermal printers can be found in almost any checkout counter due to their cheaper cost, high effectiveness and robust nature.

These printers are easy to maintain, do not create issues with ‘paper jam’ or ‘ribbon tangle’ incidents as they do not require ink or ribbons plus they are extremely fast which makes these printers the preferred choice for issuing receipts at check-out counters of supermarkets and hypermarkets that sell fast-moving consumer goods. Nevertheless, the dot matrix is still required in some business environments that require instant 3 ply carbon copy printouts such as kitchens in the hospitality industry that depend on each of these copies to prepare, serve, and bill customers.

It does seem that despite the ‘pressure’ for businesses to adopt a ‘paperless’ business environment, the use of printers in certain business environments is unavoidable as some things will never change and it does look as though the dot matrix’s use in certain business environments will remain as they are now in these business environments for a long time to come.



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