Health and Safety Training for the Workplace: Resources and information you need to know

by Management 03 May 2019

Safety Training for the Workplace

Having a safe workplace is imperative for a successful business. That being said, OSHA guidelines are complex and it can be hard to get the right information for employers and employees.

Part of OSHA guidelines includes educating yourself and employees on proper safety practices and hazard identification. One way to do this is to offer training courses to your employees regarding different potentially hazardous procedures, equipment, etc.

Some Stats About Workplace Safety:

It is estimated that in 2017, there were over 4,000 workplace fatalities, which comes out to about 99 deaths a week and 14 deaths every day. One in 5 of those deaths were in the construction industry, where the most common causes of death are falls (39.2%), being struck by an object or equipment (8.2%), electrocutions (7.3%) and being caught in between structures (5.1%). Among the  OSHA standards violated, construction protection and machine operation were the two biggest offenders. The improper operation of forklifts alone is responsible for over 80 deaths and 35,000 serious injuries every year.

Resources for Safety Training:

At Trivent SC, we offer numerous resources and courses designed to teach businesses what they need to know about safety guidelines.

Construction Courses:

One of the main courses we offer are ones based around general construction safety. When it comes to construction it is imperative that all supervisors, attendants, and rescue personnel are familiar with OSHA guidelines.

Issues covered in our construction courses include:

  • Space and concept terminology
  • Identifying and evaluating hazardous circumstances
  • Proper protective equipment
  • Employee duties
  • Rescue procedures

Forklift Operation:

Here at Trivent SC we also offer courses related to a forklift and heavy machine operation. Heavy machine accidents are a leading cause of death in the workplace and OSHA guidelines have been proven to reduce fatalities from machine operation error.

Issues covered in our forklift and heavy machinery course include:

  • Operating instructions
  • Controls and instrumentation
  • Maintenance
  • Steering and maneuvering
  • Visibility
  • Vehicle capacity and safety

PEC Basic Operation:

Along with more specific directed courses, Trivent SC also offers general comprehensive courses meant to give a full overview of general safety information and awareness orientation.

Issues covered in our general PEC Basic Operations course include:

  • Alcohol and substance abuse awareness
  • Confined space safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Fall protection
  • Fire protection
  • Forklift operation
  • Hazmat procedures
  • Respiratory protection
  • Riggin protection

Our one day PEC Basic Operation course is the most widely used safety orientation in the US and is accredited by both SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf. At the conclusion of the course, all participants receive a physical and digital PEC ID card which is proof of employee orientation.

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