4 Reasons Your Auto Repair Business Could Benefit from Temporary Buildings

by Automotive 19 December 2018

Auto Repair Business

For a long time, people have been reduced to thinking that the level of seriousness of a business can only be determined on the type of house in which it has been established. This has seen many entrepreneurs go to the extent of taking loans to build fancy houses just to showcase how serious they are in their business.

With ever-changing business dynamics, however, buildings have become of no great importance to the businesses they home. In fact, as we speak there are so many businesses, auto repair places to be specific, that are doing extremely well under just temporary buildings.

This begs the question, are permanent buildings of any value to your business? What are some of the benefits of having your auto repair business in a temporary building? You are just in time to get the answers to these questions.

4 benefits of having an auto repair business in a temporary building:

Has your business grown suddenly and you feel like you need to relocate to another area? You could have been lucky enough to have won a government tender to service some of their automobiles only to realize that you don’t have enough space for the job.

Where then do you run to? Would you decline the offer just for mere lack of space? Personally, I couldn’t! Nobody in their right mind should do this. Don’t even think about moving to a new site, as this might mean you lose some of your customers that you have fought so hard to keep.

This, therefore, leaves you with a single option; which is to establish a temporary structure just next to where you’ve always had your auto workshop and continue going about your business.

But, what are some of the benefits of using temporary buildings as part of auto workshops?

1. They offer the possibility of making adjustments in the future:

With temporary buildings, you can easily and quickly adjust the size of the workshop whenever there is the need. Besides, you can even create a whole new workshop building in an adjacent unused space.

Given the expansive nature of businesses, there will come a time when the existing space won’t be enough for you. You will, therefore, need some additional space and you can only make space adjustments when you happen to have been using temporary buildings.

2. They are quick to establish:

In a record time of between 7 to 28 days, your temporary auto workshop will be up and running. This is usually not the case with most permanently-built workshops as they take a couple of months to complete.

In fact, if you partner with Smart Space, you’ll be surprised at how fast a temporary auto workshop can be built.

3. They’re comfortable and safe:

The buildings are constructed to meet customer needs. In most cases, they might be made with un-insulated wall claddings and roof covers or even insulated wall claddings. All these are done to ensure the mechanics will be comfortable and safe at any given time.

4. They’re available together with all the documents:

A temporary auto repair building from Smart Space comes with all documents, including layout drawings plus all the documents you might need for planning.

Wrapping Up:

What else could you be looking for when a simple, cheap and quick way to expand your auto repair business like this is available? Hurry and get your order in while time is still ripe.

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