Some Simple Ideas To Become Self-Employed In UK

by Startups 10 January 2018


There is a preference among people of today’s generations to work for themselves. They like the pace and the freedom which is attached to the same thereby enabling them to organize their day as per their needs and priorities. But what does being self-employed mean. It basically refers to any person who is:


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  • Running a business for himself or herself thereby taking sole responsibility for its profits and loses,


  • Serving several customers at the same point of time,


  • Has the freedom to decide on work timings, quality and quantity,


  • Is able to hire people at their own expenses to help them out,


  • Can provide the equipments required in the line of their job,


  • Is solely responsible for the work taken and also for any work finished to the dissatisfaction of the client,


  • Has the freedom to charge a price as per his needs,


  • Is able to sell goods or services at a profit


There are several jobs which a self-employed tradesman can take up and get classified as being self-employed in the UK. In fact it is a boom time for new businesses around the world and especially in UK wherein more and more people in jobs are breaking norms and seeking the autonomy and the flexibility that is an integral part of being self-employed.


But finding the right business or service to be able to earn enough profits to sustain oneself comfortably and also satisfy one’s creativity can be a bit difficult, if one is not aware of the choices he has. Some of the lucrative yet simple ways of being self-employed in the UK are:


Any person with the gift of gab has a way with words. They are able to play with them in a way that makes even simple and mundane words sound quite interesting. These people when they set themselves up as writers can reap good rewards since today content writing is a lucrative business. It is an important business strategy for all online companies and there is thus a great demand for writers. Knowledge of SEO, best practices for web writing, press releases etc., can help to further their careers in this direction and also enable people to earn lucrative profits.

Online seller:

The field of sales has always been extremely lucrative and paying. Today with people preferring to buy everything online, it has become very easy to opt for online selling. Online marketplaces like the eBay, Amazon, Flipkart etc., provide the perfect platform for selling anything and everything.


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There is always a demand for hand stitched clothes. In fact from hemming a wedding dress to completely hand stitching a made to order suit, this is one profession which is still in high demand. Either way a person can also design and stitch clothes and sells them online at a good profit.


The job of a handyperson can never go out of fashion. Hence is there is a requirement for a plumber, an electrician etc., in and around the neighbourhood, the job of the handyperson will definitely reap lucrative gains. This business can also be handled online thereby expanding the area of service further.

Beauty therapist:

More often than not hectic lifestyles discourage people from visiting salons for beauty treatments. Hence if one has the necessary qualifications and experience, one can opt to become a personal beauty therapist thereby providing special attention to maintaining the beauty of people right from the comfort of their homes.

Gym/Yoga instructor:

Another lucrative service which again needs no initial investment and can be sold both online and offline is that of Yoga or a Gym instructor. Ensuring the health of their clients and enabling them to lead healthy lives can be quite rewarding if one is inclined towards it.


There are several other ways and means of being being self-employed in the UK. One just has to be innovative enough to think of the perfect way to earn a living. There are opportunities galore, and self-employed tradesmen just need to capitalise on the same.

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