10 Things You Need to Know For Your Business Office Renovation

by Management Published on: 11 May 2018 Last Updated on: 29 June 2021

Office Renovation

The state of the facilities in the office along with the workplace culture accounts for 48% of the attractiveness of a job for all employees. These findings provide you with questions to ponder, especially if you’re considering giving office renovation a try.

The realization that office renovation is necessary to retain valuable talent prompts another question. How do you go about renovating an office?

A well renovated office space has the potential to boost productivity and enhance morale. Here are ten things you need to know before you begin office remodeling.

1. The Views of the Employees Matter:

It’s important to make a point of gathering the views of your employees regarding what they would like to have in the office–employees should be kept be happy. Ask questions regarding what they believe would make their work easier and more efficient.

They can also give contributions to what they believe would make a good impression on clients when they visit the office space. The responses you get will go a long way in ensuring the business renovation helps to boost productivity and job satisfaction. It is almost close to impossible to meet all the needs of your employees but accommodating their needs is a step in the right direction.

2. The Needs of the Future Will Influence How You Approach Office Renovation:

An effort to remodel office space is often driven by a need to move into bigger facilities or by a need to finally establish office premises (In the case of new business). Office renovation, therefore, is always influenced by the future needs of the business.

This fact highlights the importance of imagining your business performing at its peak. Once you have an idea of what your business needs will be, you can begin renovating with those needs in mind. A number of factors you should give your consideration include;

  • How much will office space be enough to accommodate an increased number of employees?
  • Are the storage facilities you have enough or will improvements have to be made?
  • What business trends should you integrate into your innovation in order to keep up with industry standards?
  • What kind of decor choices would align with your brand strategy going forward?
  • Would you have to make certain accommodations in terms of transport with regard to your employees? Would the office renovation affect them? How can you help them commute?

3. An Eco-friendly Renovation is a Way to go:

Workplaces that go green have been found to boost the morale of their employees. Office renovation gives you an opportunity to join the current in helping to reduce the carbon footprint on the planet.

A benefit of going green will be the creation of a healthier work environment. It also follows that clients and investors will have a good impression of your business owing to the fact that a conscience underpins your business operations.

You can begin embracing eco-friendly solutions by:

  • Making the most of natural lighting. Given artificial lighting is a necessity you should limit yourself to LED or CFL. Incandescent lighting exhausts more energy than necessary and should, therefore, be avoided.
  • Adopting an office layout that accommodates maximum airflow. A constant flow of cool air from the outside will significantly reduce utility bills.
  • Limiting the use of paper only to situations where it’s extremely necessary.

4. Create a Space that will Adapt to your Needs:

We’ve already established that it’s prudent to let predictable future needs to influence your decisions while remodeling offices. You are, however, in a much better place if your renovations also factor in the unexpected.

Business renovation strategies with regard to the office should enable it to adapt to a variety of challenges. One way to do this is by having flexible spaces that can be used for multiple tasks.

You can create more of such spaces by embracing the following ideas into your design plan.

  • Use adjustable desks that can be used when standing or sitting.
  • Abandon cubicles and spaces in favor of adaptable open spaces.
  • Set apart private areas where an employee can work alone where a high degree of concentration is required.

5. Give Special Attention to Bathroom Remodeling:

The state of your bathroom has a direct impact on the comfort and productivity of your employees at the workplace due to the vital roles it plays. Moreover, the state of your bathroom also affects your business image to visiting clients.

Your office renovation designs should, therefore, involve an exhaustive plan on how to remodel your bathrooms to ensure high standards. Factors to consider include;

  • Handle all unpleasant smells through the use of air fresheners and regular, consistent cleaning.
  • Settling on a color scheme that is most suitable for conveying a sense of cleanliness. Light colors have been found to be ideal for evoking such feelings.
  • An added consideration would be for the installation of speakers to enhance the feeling of privacy. The music provides ample background noise that helps to guarantee that all noises within are limited to the hearing of the occupant.
  • Full-length doors and accurate toilet partition height increase the feeling of privacy.

It is advisable to bring in a specialist in the design of commercial bathrooms to guide you in developing a feasible plan that best suits your needs.

6. Embrace Color and Enjoy its Benefits:

Modern office innovation has witnessed a bold move from the classic office aesthetic. This movement has been necessitated by a need to accommodate more vibrant colors.

A variety of pigments are now being used to color-code various departments in the office. Color coding also extends to office supplies, e.g., printers, desks, and other types of furniture as well.

Color has a psychological impact. Incorporating bright colors has the effect of boosting innovation and creativity in the office setting. The same effect also applies to visitors who’ll recognize your office as being an environment with the creative work culture.

7. Silence is key to productivity:

A healthy working environment provides ample silence to facilitate concentration to ensure sensitive work is done well. A healthy working environment also provides opportunities for spontaneous conversations with other employees.

Such interactions are critical to well-being, performance, and creativity. An Office renovation strategy should, therefore, aim to strike a balance between these two states. This balance can be achieved through.

  • Sound Masking- The ambient sound helps to drown out all the conversation around your employees allowing them to concentrate on their work. These employees can then join their colleagues for a slight banter once the work is done.
  • Quiet Spaces- Quiet spaces are designated soundproof rooms where employees can go to put in intensive work hours. The room is especially significant if an employee has deadlines to beat or the nature of the work demands maximum concentration.

8. Space Planning Will Determine Which Ideas to Undertake:

It is prudent to run your ideas by a specialist in space planning before you incorporate them into your office remodeling plan. It is possible that you might have some great ideas but not all of them might be compatible with your office space.

A specialist will help you cut through the unfeasible ideas until you are left with the few that can work. The advantage for you here is that you are saved from the effort of having to work on ideas that weren’t going to work in the first place.

The range of office functions that space planning touches on include;

  • Creative use of storage
  • How to optimally use resources.
  • The needs of employees.
  • The number of necessary communal and private spaces.
  • Data privacy.

9. Orient Your Employees to their Renovated Workstations:

The ultimate sign that your office renovation efforts are bearing fruit is when your staff greatly enjoys the new accommodations. A positive response from employees is almost guaranteed if they had a say in the office remodeling process.

If, however, they don’t know what to expect, letting them navigate the office space by themselves won’t be a wise move. Not if you are expecting them to embrace the new layout and be productive immediately.

It would be better to give the employees time to get acquainted with their new workstations.

Employees who don’t understand how new technology works can be shown how to do so before they resume work.

10. Active Communication Facilitates a Smooth Renovation:

Ensuring that all parties involved in the renovation process are reliably informed ensures there are minimal misunderstandings. Creating a communication plan ensures that everyone is on the same page in terms of work schedule.

The parties involved include the contractors, the owner of the premises, the designers, and the employees.

The design team should keep tabs with every party in order to address any concerns they might have or make necessary clarifications. Any new changes to the office renovation plan should be communicated to everyone.

Get the Best Construction Supplies:

Fantastic design plans wouldn’t result in much if one settles for low-quality construction supplies. The demands of office renovation require that a reliable, comprehensive provider of supplies is brought on board. This would be a provider who can cater to all supplies ranging from lighting to the commercial bathroom.

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