How to Choose the Right Office Set-up for Your Business

by Startups Published on: 11 July 2017 Last Updated on: 28 August 2020


If you are a new entrepreneur starting out or even a business owner looking to expand, choosing the right office set-up is very important.  Although some business owners may not necessarily see the significance, where you work can hugely affect the future progress and success of your business and company.

Your office is an expression of your business, its culture, and brand. The set-up of your office could directly impact recruitment, innovation, work performance, the efficacy of your operation as well as profit margins. With that in mind, you should put in some thought into finding the most suitable office-set up for the future of your business.

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Keep reading to find out the best ways in which you can choose the perfect office set-up.


The location of your office is an important factor when it comes to choosing the right office set-up. A good location should allow easy access for staff members and clients and should also be an attractive location to attract new clients and potential employees. To save budget, consider serviced and virtual offices. Check out for great office facilities in prime locations across New Zealand. These facilities allow you to claim a prestigious address with much less hassle and without breaking the bank.

It is vital that the location has a good reputation. Therefore, you should also consider a location with a secure neighborhood so employees and clients will feel safer while commuting. A convenient and practical location will be beneficial to the growth of your business.


When choosing an office set-up, the amount of space required to run your business should be considered. If you have a large workforce, a conventional open plan office is usually the common choice for businesses. However, a conventional office is typically very costly as you would also have additional costs to factor in.

If you have a smaller workforce or if you are not ready for whole office space, shared office spaces would be a good option. Not only are they adaptable and less expensive, but shared offices also offer short leases that will give your business more flexibility to downsize of upscale. A serviced office is also a good option as it offers flexibility as well as reduced overhead costs.

If you have a remote workforce and prefer remote work, consider a virtual office. You will benefit from office services without having to commit to a dedicated office space.

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A decent level of infrastructure is needed to operate a successful business. You should find an office that has an infrastructure that meets all your business demands. It is very important to have a reliable internet connection, a phone line, as well as a postal address.

Find out if the office has a dedicated postal address and if the internet is included in the rent with no extra costs. If you choose a serviced office, you need not have to worry about decent infrastructure as everything is usually provided.

Style and Layout

A professional image is very important when setting up an office. Therefore, ensure that you choose a style and layout that will reflect the values that are important to your brand and business. While factors such as location, space, and infrastructure are essential in choosing an office set-up, the décor and aesthetics of your office space should not be ignored.

There is no single ideal solution for every business when it comes to choosing the perfect style and décor, but spaces that are bright, airy, and comfortable will motivate and inspire employees to work more productively.

Choosing the right office set-up could have a positive impact on your business. To ensure a smooth-running business, follow this guide and make all the right choices.

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