How To Write A Personal Statement For Business School

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Personal Statement For Business School

Writing a business personal statement is similar to applying to any other school: your claims must be illustrative, concise, and clear. However, there are also some critical hidden expectations of business schools for their prospective students. In this article, you will find the best practices, tips, and common mistakes in writing a personal statement for business school. 

Writing A Business Personal Statement: Some Basic Facts You Need To Know

First, what a personal statement is? It is a way for the school’s admissions committee to check whether you are eligible for their program, mission, and vision of the perfect school alumni community. It means you do not have to impress them with yourself but prove your need, ability, and potential to learn business studies. If your personal statement assignment is urgent, you can use the quick help of professional writers from FastEssay, a personal statement writing service. However, if you want to work on your statement, essays, and other academic papers, which are not due today, this guide will be quite sufficient. 

So, let’s start with some clarifying facts about business administration schools’ expectations of students:

  • They expect you to know your desired path. Of course, you cannot know in advance the company you will work for (but maybe you actually do). However, it would be better to perceive your degree as a tool for achieving your goal rather than a goal itself. 
  • You must know your unique traits to write a personal statement for a business school. Don’t worry; it doesn’t mean you have to go to psychological therapy or something like this for a degree. However, it will help to know what traits are your best bets and what are not your strong sides. For example, if you are not particularly good at leadership and business administration, you may consider branches like financial management. Make sure to figure it out before applying to business school!
  • They expect you to have a vision of your impact. This point is particularly accurate for highly competitive, rigorous schools. They usually choose from the applicants with the highest grades and great extracurricular activities. The decisive factor in that matter is the worthiness of their investment in a particular student, which can be evaluated only by the students’ vision of themselves. 

Five Best Tips To Write A Statement: Write A Winning Personal Statement For Business School Easily

Now that the basics are covered, you want to write a good personal statement for business school. Where should you start? Here are five key tips to help you work on your statement. 

Tip Number One: Organize Your Thoughts

Usually, prospective students have a lot to say about themselves and their goals. However, they also commonly have a poor understanding of what information matters. Here are a few points you must not include in your statement:

  • Do not talk about your grades here. You already have it in your school transcript.
  • Do not repeat your resume if you have one. Your resume is for a brief history of your studies and achievements, and your statement should present your motivation. 
  • Do not write any excuses for your grades or the short list of extracurricular activities. 

Tip Number Two: Write An Outline

Once you know what not to write and what remains, you need a clear structure for your paper. Your first draft may be in the form of “in this paragraph goes point x”; the main idea of this stage is just to get the basic fabric of your text. 

Tip Number Three: Introduction, Body, Conclusion

The basic essay’s three-component structure is universal for most writing formats where you need a reader’s quick understanding. You can use the introduction for the business application personal statement to narrate why you are interested in that program. Then, use the body part to support your interest with arguments about why you are the best fit for this program. Finally, write your vision of implementing the knowledge you want to gain as the conclusion. If you struggle with composing your paper, you can always reach out to professionals to advise you on the format. 

Tip Number Four: Create A Smooth Flow

A good personal statement is coherent and cohesive. A well-composed structure and well-placed linking words create a sense of the author’s confidence and guide the reader seamlessly through the narrative. To find the “leaking” places, simplify all sentences to a few words and link words between them as an exercise. This way, you will see where the ideas abruptly stop or hang between your paragraphs too loosely. 

Tip Number Five: Proofread

Proofreading your statement is more than just checking the spelling and grammar. You must also ensure that your statement is easily readable, has no logical errors, and presents you honestly and in a good light. 

Easy Outline Example For Writing Your First Statement Draft

Although working with tips and recommendations is helpful, it never hurts to see some practical examples before you write a personal statement for business school. So, here is an idea on how to write your first draft while preparing your business school admission letter.  


Here, I will write about my high school passion for business management. Maybe include the story of my attempts to sell my hand-made spinners back in 8th grade. Maybe include also how passing by the school’s application info captured my attention.

Body Paragraph 1

An introductory sentence about my leadership skills. Some storytelling about how I developed them and what I am still lacking. A few sentences about how I plan to train myself and what activities I need. A conclusion sentence about how I see the school’s program fit for these goals. 

Body Paragraph 2

Write here about some applicable hard skills I will need in my career. Write here about sales and operation management. Also, align these skills with what I see in the school’s curriculum. Here will go the paragraph on how I plan to use this knowledge to develop businesses in my hometown. It will have a great positive impact on society. 

Conclusion Paragraph

Here goes the expressions for their time to consider my application form and my sincere wishes to join their students’ community. 

Three Common Mistakes You Don’t Want To Repeat

One more useful facet you need to know before writing your statement is what not to do under any circumstances. Grab these three common students’ mistakes and make sure your paper is free of them. 

  • Lack of self-reflection. Your statement is a valuable possibility for you to show your genuine interest and explore what insights and perspectives led you to business management in the first place. You cannot do that by simply stating some generic information about yourself. Don’t be afraid to dive deeper and reflect on your genuine motives. 
  • Ignoring the prompt. Before writing your statement, visit the school’s website and check the admission requirements. Some schools allow free formatting of your papers, and some have specific questions for prospective students. 
  • Being overly formal and stiff. Of course, your statement must sound confident, respectful, and polite. However, an extensive formality will harm your admission chances rather than help them. Therefore, be considerate of your tone of voice and writing style. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you get into the business school of your dreams! Remember to do your self-reflecting work first so that your statement will catch the admission committee’s attention!

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