Will mice go on their own?

by Human Resources 21 December 2020

mice go on their own

Imagine you’ve been wandering out there in the cold and grimy cityscape, frantically searching for sources of food and water to sustain yourself and your babies.

Now imagine you’ve accidentally found a warm and cozy place to provide you with everything you need not to survive merely but actually to live pretty decently.

Would you leave this place on your own? Well, mice wouldn’t either. Here is all you need to know about why and how they invade peoples’ homes and how to define an adequate mice control strategy to make them go away for good.

Things that attract mice in the house

Things that attract mice in the house

As we already mentioned above, mice are attracted to peoples’ homes in search of some fundamental things, such as:

  • A safe place to find shelter;
  • A warm and darkroom to reproduce;
  • A reliable and lasting source of food;
  • A permanent source of water to drink.

The more of these your residence offers, the more likely for mice to eventually find it and like it.

How do mice enter peoples’ homes?

mice enter peoples' homes

Mice can be very creative when it comes to finding their way into your house or apartment. Some prevalent entry points listed by the leading pest control Redbridge experts include:

  • Cracks and openings in the walls, windows, and ceilings of local domestic and commercial buildings;
  • Open windows on the zero levels or first floors of the building;
  • Tree and bush branches lingering close to an open shutter;
  • Unsealed pipes and plumbing;
  • Chimneys, dryer vents, air-conditioner panels, and cable entries;
  • … and many more.

Put shortly – mice will get in very easily and won’t ever leave until you make them.

How to make house mice go away for good?

There are a few simple steps to follow when initiating your epic battle against a house mice invasion, and they can be briefly summed up as follows:

  • Try to seal all potential entry points listed in the previous paragraph;
  • Clean up the clutter and search for the paths your house mice seem to follow around;
  • Eliminate the access to all potential food sources, including recycling bins, cooked and packed meals, and food storage;
  • Set up mice traps with proper baits at key locations in your home – suspected hiding places, kitchen corners, and dark niches;
  • Do not leave the task halfway done and keep going until you are more than convinced of your ultimate success.

As simplistic as this may sound to some, battling a house mice invasion is often a very demanding thing to do on your own.

Seeking professional mice control will spare you the trouble of having to guess, experiment, waste time, and spill resources. Certified experts are trained and experienced enough to deliver fast, safe, and reliable mice control service, suitable for properties of any type and size.

Because no – mice won’t go on their own, and they will also not be pleased while you make them go by force.

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