Who is a Business Strategist? What does he do?

by Business Planning & Opportunities 09 January 2019

Business Strategist

Business strategy is a long-term plan of action for achieving a particular goal or set of goals or objective planned to attain the success of a Company. For making a business successful, it is very important to set definite goals and the company should strive towards accomplishing such goals. Business strategies can be planned as a pattern of activity that an organization plans, to compete in the market. It involves activities like strategic planning and strategic thinking.

A Business Strategist is responsible for setting the goal and determining actions for achieving the set goal. Bradley Fauteux, an experienced executive who served as a Managing Director of Ontario Parks and has over 16 years of senior management experience has expanded Brad Fauteux’s expertise towards Business Strategies to his clients. Now coming to our next point on what does a Business Strategist do? Following are some of the key functions of a business strategist:

To achieve the goals of a company towards its success:

Importantly a business strategist must be an individual with high knowledge and experienced to understand the company’s objective. Only by keeping a clear vision towards the goal, the success of the company is assumed.

To understand the current business position in the market and plans accordingly towards its success:

A business strategist has to understand the actual positioning of the company in the market in recent time and then plan out the ways to achieve success. Planning of tools for business strategies are directly linked with the company’s position in the market. A strategist may include advertising, promotion, campaigning as tools for promoting the business.

To plan the marketing strategies of the company:

Every company works for its end result, that is sales, and to promote sales marketing is the only solution. One of the vital jobs of a business strategist is to plan for marketing strategies. This planning may include product planning, choosing the right customer base, choosing the medium of advertisement, promotions and other activities.

To excel the overall process of the company towards attaining their goal:

Except for marketing and sales, there are many other key factors that determine the success of a business. It includes the company’s relationship with its stakeholders, both inside and outside the organization, a good product line for the business, a well-set network in the market are the few points that look after for attaining goals. According to experts, cultural competency is a key for communication and relationship building in business.

To give ideas for future expansions and achievement of the company:

After accessing the set goals of a company and understanding the challenges and way of positioning it in the market to get the best out of it, its the work of a business strategist to give future planning and ideas for expansion ahead. A business strategist will validate wheather the company is being able to achieve its set goals or not. He will also set future goals and ways of expansions in all directions for the betterment of the company.

To guide what actions to take and when to take such actions for benefit of business:

Along with other experienced members of the company, the business strategist will guide his team to take appropriate action in a timely manner for the success of the company. A strategist plans when and how to execute plans to get the best out of it.

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