Getting Started With Customer Discovery As A Business Owner

by Business Development 02 December 2022

Customer Discovery

Customer discovery is a vital subject for business owners to be familiar with that are looking to create services or products that address the challenges and needs of potential customers.

It helps market the goods and services to the desired customers. The process involved in customer discovery enables businesses to define their customer base, which helps with the company’s management.

Business owners often make use of customer discovery because it helps to fulfill and understand the market need. Customer discovery is a vital practice that allows the management team and business manager to serve their customers better. It also helps the company to realign with its objectives and goals.

The Scientific Approach

Scientific Approach

Business owners do not build businesses based on any assumption to avoid making a loss. Most business owners always ensure to have a formulated core value, mission, and vision. When enterprises use customer discovery, there are a few approaches to follow.

These approaches are the following:

1. Creating the Hypothesis

The hypothesis is the first process that involves defining the problem and solution the business is proposing. It is vital to ensure that the proposed details are testable and specific in terms of the consumers of the product.

Ensure to make some specific assumptions about the idea or product in question. Outlining the assumptions will allow the company to create a persona for the potential customers.

2. Testing the Hypothesis and Product Concept

After creating the hypothesis, the next step is to test it to ensure that it is accurate. Conduct some interviews to gauge the target audience and size. The interviews will give room for understanding the potential consumer’s interest in the product.

3. Test the Product Concept and Refine

The interview will offer the business owner a better insight into the potential customer’s pain points. At this stage, the company will test the product’s attractiveness by enabling the consumers to see the product. Make any improvements, if any, and evaluate the customer’s feedback.

However, some approaches, such as understanding online marketing platforms, are vital in franchise marketing. The approach enables franchisees to understand how the customers can find their services and products online or offline. A franchisee or franchisor needs to be familiar with the digital marketing world.

What You Seek Out To Discover

customer discovery process

Customer discovery is vital in big and early-stage companies developing new services and products. It enables these businesses to create and develop products that people genuinely want and need. The process also helps generate some major sales leads, which helps close deals with future customers.

The customer discovery process also helps the business to break any form of assumption about their problems, consumers, and market. It helps reduce costly mistakes while enabling the company to focus more on strengthening consumer acquisition efforts. Initially, the development of customer discovery was to help and enlighten startups to create products most individuals want.

Start With A Proposal

In customer discovery, businesses often start with a proposal at the early stage to understand their consumers. It is a way to show the customers that the product can help them navigate their challenges. The proposal should have a detailed outline of the plan to implement and the production of the products.

Starting with a business proposal will enable business owners to make vital decisions such as marketing. The proposal will also help make realistic plans and projections to avoid crashing. It will also help the business identify its strengths and weaknesses by ensuring the owners think objectively.

Some examples of companies that are successful and have value proposals are Apple iPhone, Lyft, Unbounce, and Uber.

Create A Customer Persona

Customer Persona

Creating a customer persona helps give the business vital insights to promote its products to the right audience. A customer persona depicts actual data with information about the targeted and present consumers. It also enables business owners to do market research, usability testing, and targeted audience.

Businesses and brands can create a comprehensive customer persona based on the information gathered during research. The main aim of the customer persona is to enable the company to relate to and understand the consumer’s needs.

Customer Discovery Helps Businesses!

Customer discovery enables businesses to understand their target audience and market needs. It is a data-driven and organized process that allows the company to develop a product that can meet the needs of potential customers.

In customer discovery, the company creates a hypothesis and gathers information to create a customer persona. The customer persona helps provide the company with the right idea of the ideal customer based on the research.

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