What Does a Community Association Manager Do?

by Management Published on: 14 March 2019 Last Updated on: 12 September 2023

Community Association Manager

Are you good with people? Do you become attached to communities that you belong to and wish that you could help them thrive? If so, then you may be a great community association manager.

As an association manager, it would be your job to oversee several pivotal roles that are vital to your community or organization. While being an association manager does not mean that you are the only one in charge, as most associations have boards, it is your job to ensure that the association’s vision is followed through.

1. Uphold Organization Values:

The coursework for a community association management license will likely spend a significant amount of time focusing on understanding and upholding your organization’s values.

As a manager, you must make sure that all community employees conduct themselves according to the value system established by the association and board. Most association values come down to moral fortitude, cleanliness, and other family values.

2. Oversee Common Services:

As the association manager, you will have to coordinate and supervise community programs and services. This means that you will be responsible for the setup and teardown of any meetings, parties or events.

It also means that you will need to be present at every event to ensure that the association is represented.

3. Ensure Property is Maintained:

One of the most important jobs of an association manager is to maintain the property. While you may not be responsible for the actual cleaning and janitorial or landscaping labor, you are likely responsible for supervising those who are.

A community manager takes pride in their community, and that includes its appearance. Therefore, as a manager, you must speak with the board and determine a maintenance budget that allows you to hire and contract the necessary services for property maintenance.

4. Understands Potential Legal Issues:

Lastly, while you are not expected to be legal counsel, most community managers are aware of pertinent laws regarding communities, tenants, and others. Your board will expect you to be knowledgeable and to prevent any legal oversight that may lead to the impropriety of the community as a whole.

Therefore, it is your job to protect the community and make sure that everyone is acting in accordance with the law as you understand it. A community association manager is an integral part of any large community or organization.

They are the individuals who ensure that things run smoothly, and it is their job to ensure the safety and well-being of all community members by knowing the values of the community and the laws of the state.

The Job of a Community Association Manager is that of 24/7

Being a community association manager means that you are responsible for everything in reference to your community. From maintaining the sewer system to looking after the finances, your job role is a three sixty degree one. To streamline these varied responsibilities and ensure effective communication, many managers utilize association management software tailored to address the unique needs of community associations

A community association manager has to be available twenty-four hours so that the peace and safety of the community are not hampered. There is no particular role for a community association manager, he has to look forward to becoming an expert in finances as well as learned in legal matters.

He has also been responsible for collecting due amounts from the members and respond to every other call from different homeowners even if that is not his field.

Become Best Adviser to the Board

Mostly, members of the community board consist of homeowners residing in the same residential complex. They are mainly professionals with a different occupation which keeps them totally apart from the daily affairs that take place in the complex.

Therefore, it is the job of the community association member to inform them of various matters of the residential complex and also make them aware of the different options and possibilities that may occur.

Sometimes, the community association manager actively advises the members to take important decisions regarding the issues of the complex.

Being a community association manager is not a matter of joke, yet it can be adventurous too. Take your decisions wisely!

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