Questions to Help Pick the Best VPN for Your Unique Needs

by Information Technology Published on: 05 September 2017 Last Updated on: 28 November 2022


You probably already know this but it is worth mentioning. VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks. These are very important when you want to enhance privacy, avoid censorship, share files anonymously, and do so much more online. Although most people go for the cheapest VPNs out there, it is worth mentioning that VPNs are not all created equal. Also, there are several best locations for vpn where various factors like speed and security are considered. This is why the services are priced differently. If you are thinking of purchasing your first VPN, answers to the following questions will help you make the best choice.

Do you need secure access to your home network?

If you just need to access the home network securely, you don’t need to contact VPN service providers. Using a VPN for the home network is simply overkill. VPN is best used when you want to access remote networks such as exit nodes in Amsterdam.

How often do you use public Wi-Fi networks?

There are so many public networks out there. You will find one at the airport, the coffee shop or at the hotel. If you regularly use these public Wi-Fi networks, it is very important that you be privacy-conscious. A VPN will give you the security you need. The reason why you should use a VPN on public Wi-Fi networks is that most routers in these places run compromised or outdated firmware. This means the router might be malicious and sniffing your data as you browse. In the case of casual browsing with a public VPN, you don’t need to use a provider that offers massive bandwidth. You can use a home VPN server model. You can learn about this at Fastest VPN Guide.

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Do you want to geo-shift your location?

The best thing about using a VPN is that you can geo-shift your location. This means you can be in New York but your IP location can be in London. If your interest is in geo-shifting your location, you need to work with a service provider with servers in the location you wish to geo-shift to. The number of places you can geo-shift will be limited by the number of servers the VPN service provider has. The more servers the provider has the better.

Do you need plausible deniability and anonymity?

Not all VPNs can provide the anonymity that you need. This is why you need to spend a little more time reviewing different VPNs to find the one that appeals to your needs. You need plausible deniability mostly when it comes to filing sharing. In this case, you need a provider that doesn’t keep logs. It is good to spend some time online going through the VPN providers that come highly recommended for what you need them for.

Answering these questions will help you find the right VPN provider for your needs. The key, however, to pick the best VPN lies in spending time learning about different service providers. What are people saying about them? What are they good at? Do they cater to all your needs? The more information you have on a VPN provider the better.

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