6 Tips To Help Utilize Your Garage Space

by Real Estate 22 July 2023

6 Tips To Help Utilize Your Garage Space

A garage can be such a useful space to have, but it is also easy to use it as a dumping ground for all the things that don’t have a home elsewhere. With a little planning, you can really maximize your garage’s usefulness and these tips will help you to give the space a new lease of life:

1. A Place For Everything

Your garage is a perfectly sensible place to store items that are too big and bulky for your home, but it is all too easy to end up with stacks of stuff everywhere so that you can’t get to any of your items. If you have too much stuff to fit in your garage, then a bit of radical decluttering might be in order to ensure that you are only keeping the things you actually have room for.

2. Choose Your Storage Wisely

Depending on the shape of your garage, there might be areas that you could be using more efficiently by making the storage fit the space more effectively. Roof space is perfect for storing large but relatively light items and can be repurposed effectively as a place for surfboards, skis, snowboards, and other seasonal equipment that is bulky but can be easily lifted out of the way.

Lining the walls with fitted storage maximizes the space while encroaching into the useable area as little as possible. Choose racking or similarly sturdy shelving and make sure your storage can withstand the temperature and humidity likely in your garage.

3. Oust Your Vehicles

While some people prefer to park in their garage, there are plenty of other uses for the space that might not involve vehicles at all. If you have a hobby or side hustle that you need space for, a garage can make an ideal working environment offering the perfect combination of being close to home, but easy to shut off when you need to.

The list of things you can turn a garage into is almost endless, but some of the most popular include:

  • Home gym
  • Workshop
  • Home office
  • Craft room
  • Gaming space
  • Home cinema
  • Dance/yoga studio

There aren’t many people that would turn down an extra room, so if you don’t already have a garage, it’s worth considering options such as these steel garages to give yourself a versatile space that you can use for anything from storage to spa treatments.

4. Redecorate

Even if you just want to give your garage a makeover rather than change its purpose altogether, a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference when it comes to how you feel about the space. Garages tend to have pretty harsh lighting and can feel a little cold and soulless, but a few simple changes could turn your garage from a utilitarian necessity into a light and airy space.

5. Get Creative

If there’s something you have always wanted to try but it felt a bit risky, a garage is a perfect place to experiment. Whether it’s a wall of stencils, your own designs in graffiti, or a climbing wall, a garage is the perfect place to let your imagination run free.

6. Keep The Mess Out Of The House

If you have a messy hobby or a dog that likes to find the muddiest spots to play, then you can use your garage as a way to limit the mess coming into the house. You could create a dedicated space to rinse off muddy paws, sandy surfboards, or salty wetsuits with the relevant storage nearby to keep mess and clutter to a minimum and keep your main living space clear and clean.

A garage is an ideal place for so many different things, and depending on your lifestyle and interests, you can create a multipurpose space that accommodates everything from power tools to baby clothes.

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