UNSC Holds First Meeting On AI Threats, Officials Call For Regulations

by Business 19 July 2023

UNSC Holds First Meeting On AI Threats

The increasing revelation of technology’s potential risks and benefits have been under the talks. At the same time, the UN has the opportunity to frame “globally agreed upon” rules for the path for regulating and monitoring.

The first meeting of the United Nations Security Council was held on Tuesday to discuss the threats that artificial intelligence is posing to international peace and stability; where Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, asked to create a new international body whose purpose will be to govern AI use, as reported by the New York Times.

He said, “Technology increasingly reveals its potential risks and benefits and the UN has an opportunity to set globally agreed-upon rules of the road for monitoring and regulating.”

Guterres further added that the UN must come forward with “legally binding agreements” within 2026 that strictly bans the use of AI in automated war weapons.

“Today I urged the Security Council to approach Artificial Intelligence with a sense of urgency, a global lens, and a learner’s mindset. We must work together towards common measures of the transparency, accountability, and oversight of AI systems,” Guterres tweeted.

Expectedly, Russia expressed its skepticism stating that enough is already known about Artificial Intelligence to term it a “threat” to global instability.

The Chinese government, however, argued that these limitations should be implicated in developing countries only because such rules seek to restrain technology from becoming “a runaway wild horse.”

“Certain developed countries, in order to seek technological hegemony, make efforts to build their exclusive small clubs and maliciously obstruct the technological development of other countries and artificially create technological barriers,“ Chinese Ambassador ZhangJun added. “China firmly opposes these behaviors,” he also added.

However, the discussion about the legal bond about the governance of AI remains distant. Although, the majority of the diplomats have been endorsing the notion of a global governance mechanism and setting of international rules, as reported by the New York Times.

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