What Makes The UAE The Region’s Fastest-Growing Investment

by Investing Published on: 30 December 2022 Last Updated on: 28 February 2023


Over the last decade, Dubai has successfully consolidated its status as the world’s leading foreign direct investment (FDI) hub and the middle-east’s fastest-growing investment destination.

In addition, UAE has also joined the top 20 countries which are considered trustworthy, and also secure the ranking of 15th in Kearney’s 2021 Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index. 

Even when the global real estate market witnessed a pause due to the advent of the Covid pandemic, UAE managed to maintain its local real estate market stability to a great extent.

Leading investment firms and financial advisory experts in the UAE believe the noteworthy factors distinguishing the UAE as an ideal investment destination are as follows. 

What Is The Economic Stability?

UAE has the 25th most competitive economy worldwide, leading the MENA region. The UAE government has also been consistently restructuring its policies to enhance and maintain this status by diversifying its national income. 

Strategic locations, strong financial reserves, large sovereign funds, healthy international relationships, and the present government spending on infrastructure, and for digital transformation, innovation, and another type of progressive policy for economic diversification, multi-specialty zones, and increased foreign direct investments are some of the common reasons contributing to the economic stability of the UAE.

Ease Of Doing Business

Start business In the UAE

As of 2022, the UAE is ranked 16th in the World Bank’s latest global ease of doing business index. This rank tops the middle east and north Africa (MENA) countries with a total score of 80.9 out of 100. 

The country also has a large variety of premises and flexibility to conduct business anywhere, which is a key factor that distinguishes Dubai from many other business hubs in the region. 

Some locations available to conduct business include UAE Free Zones with other industrial areas, along with commercial buildings. These jurisdictions provide much versatility for conducting business and, most importantly, give a major cost benefit. 

The UAE has more than 40 free zones allowing 100% foreign ownership of the business, provides state-of-the-art industrial and commercial areas, and also hosts high-profile conferences, international exhibitions, as well as trade and investment events – which all provide a massive advantage for new entrepreneurs

Unique Investment Incentives

Unique Investment Incentives

Another key factor contributing to the UAE’s reputation as one of the most desirable investment destinations in the region comes from its unique investment incentives. It provides you with up to 100 percent of foreign ownership in free zones. 

100 percent of the foreign ownerships in the 122 economical activities across 13 sectors, with 100 percent of profit repatriation are benefits. 

In addition, low inflation, low custom tariffs (between 0-5% for almost all goods), no foreign exchange controls, fully convertible currency, competitive financing costs, high levels of liquidity, a strong banking system, and it is an effective visa system which allowing the renewable offer of 10-year of residence visa are some other investment incentives investors in UAE can exclusively benefit from. 

Less Risk And Safe Environment For Long-term Investments

 Safe Environment For Long-term Investments

The UAE provides the best legislative experiences in the world in sponsoring foreign investments while providing them legal protection, and, the most important part is, preserving investors’ rights without violating the ownership. 

The flexibility in ownership also allows them to manage their investments or utilize investment opportunities remotely, thanks to modern technological upgrades

On the other hand, market volatility is also less of a worry in the UAE when compared to other countries in the region. The UAE financial market landscapes are providing credible stability and law-adhering protocols to make investors feel safe while with a long-term investment commitment, thus increasing its reliability.

One of the most effective ways to utilize these benefits within the UAE’s attractive investment market while mitigating potential risks is to get your journey started with investment experts. 

AIX is a leading investment group and financial advisory firm in Dubai catering to a diversified group of investors who are encompassing a diverse range of backgrounds, industries, and other investment requirements. They will help you make the right decisions that best suit your investment requirements and objectives at any given time.

Wrapping Up:

UAE is one of the most impressive and fastest-growing economies in the world. Not only the investment the UAE economy is also good for any real estate property investments.

Real estate investment often allows you to make a large amount of money right before the blink of your eye. Every financial advisory firm in Dubai is full of foreign investors. You also can get the opportunity. So what is your opinion? Are you going to be the next investor?

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