How To Meet Your Goal With The Right Financial Advisor

by Financial Planning 17 July 2020

Financial Advisor

Money lessons are sometimes learned in a hard way. What’s clear though is that at one point or the other, each one of us has made a bad financial decision. Sometimes, it might be so costly that it affect your financial standing for a long time or even for a lifetime.

Financial discussions always elicit a myriad of emotions. It’s also a very personal discussion as every individual has encountered challenges and successes with money management.

The role played by financial advisors in helping individuals and organizations to uplift their living standards cannot be underestimated. If you choose the right financial advisor, you are no doubt on the right path to success and financial freedom. In this guide, we direct you on how to achieve your goals with the guidance of a financial advisor.

Pick a Reliable, Honest and Trusted Advisor

First on your list should be picking the right financial advisor. There are a number of ways you can settle on a reputable Financial Planning Firm. Ask for referrals from friends and family, check reviews online, or seek the guidance of accredited professional organizations. Once you have this settled, you are on your way to a smooth financial ride.

Have an Open and Honest Discussion

On the journey to your destiny, you need to have a broad discussion with your financial advisor. This is the beginning of creating a roadmap that ensures all parties read from the same script.

Among important elements at this stage is evaluating your current financial position and crafting a way forward. For instance, you will look at your different streams of income and determine how you shape them to be more profitable.

It will be essential to discuss your current investments, interests, hobbies, abilities, and skills that you can combine to increase your income. This kind of evaluation will show precisely show what you have and what you need going forward

Craft an open communication channel

Throughout your discussion, you will need to keep constant communication. They may include physical meetings, email, or letter correspondences among others. Lack of proper communication between client and service provider may harm the strategy and fail to achieve the desired results.

Set Goals and Timelines

The success of the process will be measured when certain goals are achieved. From the onset, you must set out goals to be achieved within a certain timeframe. To a good extent, such goals will help you to cultivate the right discipline and commit to the process. Stick to the timelines and goals you set with your financial advisor. This essential for the success of the process

Be Flexible to Plans and Adjust Accordingly

Your financial advisor should help in creating strategies that help you take steps towards your goal. When followed accordingly, it is anticipated that these steps will lead to the achievement of desired goals. However, it is also important for both parties to be flexible and allow adjustment to fit various circumstances. For instance, an unexpected job loss or reduction in income can significantly affect the process. Nonetheless, if you make the right adjustments, you can still reignite the process.

Evaluate and Stick to Lessons Learnt

As you move along, make sure that you evaluate the process to pint out what works. There will be several lessons along the way, some that will work, and some that will ultimately not bear fruits. Stick to the lessons that work best for you and work with them to achieve your goals.

The process of evaluation must be done through measurable achievements. Right from the beginning, ensure that you craft various milestones that are measured against the effort you have made.

Continuously Practice Working Ideas 

By the end of the process, you must pick ideas that work and practice them continuously. It might not be possible to have a financial advisor for every project. For this reason, learn to practice the lessons and ideas that work through this project. Implement them for your future goals and make a habit of continuously improving on what works.

Contractual Agreement

For a smooth relationship with your financial advisor, a contractual agreement comes in handy. It will help to outline the terms of engagement, outline mechanisms of resolving conflicts, and outline responsibilities for all parties. The agreement is also a legal document that and therefore enforceable by law in the appropriate jurisdiction. Ensure that you draw an agreement with your financial advisor.


More people are realizing the need to take advantage of financial advisors. These services are also easily available in many places today. You can avoid making irredeemable money mistakes by engaging a financial advisor. Focus on the present and future projects and be careful to factor in aspects such as family, personal interests, and so on. At the same time, give room for adjustments especially in your long term goals. This will cushion you when unexpected occurrences take effect.

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