Types Of Compensation From Elder Abuse Claims

by Legal 10 November 2022

Elder Abuse Claims

Those seeking legal assistance to help them establish a case for elder abuse may be interested in knowing the precise damages they might anticipate receiving.

Knowing the types of damages that a victim of elder abuse might be able to receive will help frame their case and give them a foundational grasp of what is reasonable in their circumstances.

The top elder abuse lawyer in Los Angeles can assist victims in understanding the nuances of the case and obtaining the payment and justice they are entitled to.

Economic losses, punitive damages, pain, and suffering, and legal fees and expenses are all included in the classification of compensation.

It’s always preferable to engage with an elder abuse attorney since navigating the several sorts of compensation available to you can be a challenging procedure. Most nursing home neglect and abuse attorneys work on a contingency fee, which means they only get paid if you receive compensation. The sooner you begin, the better off you will be in your quest for justice.

Distress and Suffering

Pain and suffering include feelings and other experience sensations, which are also sometimes referred to as non-economic damages. This involves unpleasant physical feelings, psychological and emotional suffering, embarrassment, or ugliness.

Los Angeles elder abuse attorney with experience in nursing home neglect claims will establish the severity of the pain and suffering in order to receive compensation for their clients’ suffering. The degree of pain and suffering is then taken into account to determine the amount of compensation.

Economic Harm

Victims may be entitled to economic damages if they are forced to pay medical bills or other costs as a direct result of the abuse or neglect they experienced.

This is also true if the victim’s untimely death resulted from the abuse or neglect, as well as if it resulted in property damage. In each of these cases, the victim or the victim’s family would be compensated for any associated medical costs, burial costs, or property damages.

Even arguing for reimbursement for relocating fees may be useful in some circumstances. However, if the case proceeds to trial and is presented to a jury, this is much more likely to be granted.

Retaliatory Damages

Punitive damages are compensation that is given to the culprit in order to punish them and deter future wrongdoing. Upon establishing that the actions were intentional, oppressive, or fraudulent and that the offender intended to hurt or defraud the victim, they may be granted.

A lawyer who focuses on nursing home neglect must show that a managing agent, employer, or management was aware of the situation and sanctioned the misconduct before or after it occurred in order to pursue punitive damages for cases of elder abuse in a custodial setting.

You must demonstrate that the caregiver was at the very least careless. Being careless is insufficient. Depending on the defendant’s wrongdoing and financial situation, different damages may be granted.

Costs and Fees for Attorneys

If the plaintiff can demonstrate that the alleged elder abuse took place, the defendant may pay the plaintiff’s legal fees and costs. The victim must establish the defendant or wrongdoer acted maliciously, oppressively, or fraudulently in order to damage or defraud the victim in order to succeed.

Additionally, they must offer convincing proof that the employer, such as the manager or supervisor, was aware of the neglect or abuse and approved of it.

A lawyer would essentially have to establish the same things for attorney fees and costs as they would for punitive damages. Anyone who suspects elder abuse should get in touch with a lawyer right away.


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