Businesses That Need Translation Services To Serve Their Customers Better

by Business Intelligence 12 February 2024

Need Translation Services To Serve Their Customers Better

As companies grow and connect with people worldwide, using translation services has become an integral part of supreme customer service. These services help convert your messages accurately in different languages and attract global customers. If your translations don’t resonate with the local market, they can hurt your brand image. So, investing in professional translation services is always a wise decision.

But not only global businesses – even local businesses dealing with people from other countries might need these services often.

Not sure if your business needs a translation service? Check out six types of businesses that regularly use translation services below.

Both local and global businesses are finding translation services more and more useful, especially those with a robust legal department. This service is also critical for businesses that provide legal services. Their target markets can be both locals and foreigners, and they often need to translate their services into multiple languages. For example, immigrants often need their documents translated, and a professional translation service can help in this regard.

Having an interpreter might also be necessary for effective communication with clients speaking different languages. Mistakes in translating legal documents like contracts or certificates could have severe consequences for your clients and harm your business reputation. So, always hire a translation service with a good track record.

Medical Services

As communication becomes easier, more people are going abroad for better treatment. Similarly, many countries are importing advanced medical devices to treat complex health conditions of the local population. If you’re in the medical field, having access to translation services helps you effectively assist these patients. While interpreters can help with day-to-day communication, dealing with medical histories and documents may require professional translation, especially those in a foreign language.

Accurate translation of prescription instructions and other medical details is essential to ensure the patient’s safety, as misunderstandings could pose risks to their health. Also, medical device translation services can help you interpret how to use the equipment to treat patients. If you’re a supplier, you must provide a properly translated manual to your customers so that they can avoid accidents when using the device.

Financial Services

Financial deals are common in any local or global business, and a reliable translation service becomes indispensable for smooth financial dealings. You must translate all your important financial documents before a deal if the country of operation uses a different language. Whether a simple fund transfer or a much more complex tax document, you need access to a professional translation service to translate the document.

Furthermore, having translation services available in both home and operational countries streamlines these processes. Financial statements determine your profit allocations. Your partnership deed decides how much of the profit you can withdraw. Always translate them to avoid any unwanted hassle. Misinterpretation of such documents could lead to severe legal repercussions in foreign jurisdictions. In the worst case, it can force your business to shut down. 

Educational Services

Access to educational translation services can do wonders for test publishers or education companies with a global reach. An increasing number of students now speak multiple languages. So, the demand for translating educational materials is growing every day. Test publishers need to ensure that their test questions are easy to understand in the local language and are culturally sensitive. Similarly, educational companies should ensure that their learning materials, such as textbooks and online resources, are available in multiple languages to reach a wider audience.

Without translation services, companies usually face challenges in launching their books in foreign markets, which hampers their growth.

Global Business And E-Commerce

With the rise of global business ventures and the expansion of e-commerce, many new companies are reaching customers across borders. The growth of supply chains, efficient shipping, and the widespread implementation of social media marketing have increased the demand for locally produced goods on a global scale. If these businesses have websites targeting diverse language speakers, their content must be available in all these languages. It ensures that customers can easily understand product information and shipping details.

Similarly, businesses with branches in foreign countries must communicate in the local language to connect with and attract new customers. So, partnering with a professional translation service is mandatory for the success of these businesses.


Those coming from a research background know how difficult it is to collect data from a foreign-language-speaking sample. Only a professional translation service can guarantee accurate communication and understanding of the study. If your target population has no clue what you’re asking them, they won’t be able to provide the correct information. It increases the chances of errors in your process and the results become invalid or useless.

Choosing a professional translation service can help you in this regard. They can translate the survey questions to as many languages as you want and also process the responses for your understanding.

Partnering with a professional translation service sounds easy, but finding the right one for yourself could be just as difficult. If you’re part of a global business community and support group, you can ask them to help you with their resources. They can guide you in choosing the best translation service for your business.

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