How Vcita Helps Democratize Business Intelligence For Smbs

by Business Intelligence Published on: 08 November 2022 Last Updated on: 10 November 2022

Business Intelligence

Launching a service business and taking it to the next level involves a series of critical decisions. As a business owner, you have to make several choices, from the pricing of the various services you offer to the number of team members you retain to help you fulfill bookings. With business intelligence, you will get a glimpse of the whole situation, and you can develop further planning for your business.

Why Is Vcita Required?

The good news is that new-age entrepreneurs don’t have to rely on their gut instincts while making important business decisions. Most businesses have already adopted digital technologies and applications that generate a ton of data. You can derive meaningful insights from this data to inform the decisions you make.

But converting data into actionable insights isn’t easy. You must have adequate capital, infrastructure, and skills to make the most of your business data. Unfortunately, that isn’t always feasible for small businesses.

That’s where Vcita’s new Reports feature steps into the picture. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how vcita is making business intelligence (BI) more accessible to SMBs. Let’s dive right in.

BI For Small Businesses: The Key Challenges

BI For Small Businesses

Harnessing the potential of business intelligence generally requires companies to invest in sophisticated BI tools. You need a wide array of tools to collect raw data from various sources, extract relevant information, and convert it into an easily understandable report.

Also, you need a team of data scientists and analysts to identify, connect and process relevant data sources while maintaining data quality, operating various dashboards, and generating reports. In the absence of a skilled team, even the best BI solutions won’t make a difference.

Unfortunately, a lack of adequate resources is one of the persistent challenges SMBs face. That means your business may not have enough funds to build a robust data science infrastructure. Nor can you afford a dedicated team of data experts.

That, in turn, makes it difficult for small businesses to reap the benefits of data analytics and business intelligence.

What Is The Vcita Difference?

business management

As a small business management platform, Vcita offers a ton of helpful features to empower entrepreneurs. Their solutions come in handy at every step, from lead generation and nurturing to customer retention, relationship management, appointment scheduling, and accounts receivable.

Now, with Vcita’s powerful Reports feature, small businesses can enjoy frictionless access to BI insights. That’s because it eliminates the need to configure additional tools to source and analyze data. Instead, it uses Google’s Looker tools to connect all of the customer engagement and billing data that’s already your Vcita account and offer sophisticated reports.

Let’s say you’re already using Vcita to manage other aspects of your business, such as lead generation, appointment scheduling, and payment processing. In that case, you don’t have to worry about setting up new tools to track business intelligence and process data from these sources. Also, it converts the collected data into easy-to-use reports in various formats, including graphs, charts, and tables.

Comprehensive Reports Of Five Catagories

You get access to 11 comprehensive reports across five categories: Bookings, Clients, Payments, Marketing, and Staff. That, in turn, gives you a thorough overview of every aspect of your business.

Whether you want to identify top-paying clients or monitor employee performance, Reports come in handy. You can even take a look at appointments over time to predict seasonal sales trends. Also, you can identify the top sources for lead generation and amp up your marketing efforts accordingly with business intelligence.

How Will You Get The Vcita Reports From Dashboard?

The good thing about Vcita Reports is that you don’t need extensive technical skills to use the feature. You can easily access Reports from your Vcita dashboard and select relevant tabs to get the insights you need.

Team members from different departments can directly access Reports, irrespective of their technical prowess. That, in turn, eliminates the need for an in-house data science team with business intelligence.

Also, Vcita collects and processes real-time data to ensure you always have access to the most recent insights. It helps you make data-driven decisions on the fly, thus facilitating agile and flexible business processes.

In Conclusion

The global business intelligence market is projected to cross $43 billion by 2028. That means there’s no dearth of sophisticated BI tools to help businesses optimize operations and skyrocket revenue. But the high costs and complexities of these tools make them unsuitable for SMBs.

Whether you’re about to launch your first venture or looking for ways to scale your startup, Vcita Reports can come to your rescue. Reports offer a host of dynamic, easily understandable, and relevant BI insights to inform your business decisions. And you get these benefits without any significant spending on infrastructure or manpower.

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