The 7 Most Important Benefits of Mobile Security Patrol in Oxford

by Business Security Systems 04 March 2020

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Benefits of Mobile Security Patrol in Oxford

A mobile security patrol is a popular option for businesses in the Oxford area. A patrol offers robust security with the additional advantage of a physical presence, which provides more than a camera or alarm can offer.

Here are the specific advantages of choosing a mobile patrol option for Oxford security services. Whether you want a regular foot patrol, a vehicle patrol or an occasional security patrol, here are the benefits your business will experience when you opt for this provision.

Immediate, On-the-Spot Response

Security patrol help to take real-time action. You don’t have to wait for a security guard to reach your site after an alarm sounds. The immediate response can calm a situation or prevent further damage, disruption or theft. An alarm gives you a warning of an intrusion or emergency; a security patrol responds to the danger and provides the solution you need to keep your business running.

Active Checks

A security patrol checks premises and the environment using all the senses. A camera relies on visual security; a security guard can hear, smell and see. They are therefore better at picking up a threat that cannot be discerned by a camera or an alarm. These active checks provide a more comprehensive security service to an Oxford business.

Early Warning of Damage

Security guards do not only monitor intrusion, theft or anti-social behavior. They can also check for signs of storm damage, broken windows, damaged products or unstable fixings and fittings. This helps prevent accidents and safeguards your staff and customers. It is particularly useful to have this early warning of damage in an empty property.

Occasional and Variable Checks

Security patrols can visit a site at random times, varying the patrol times to ensure that potential criminals never know when the area is being patrolled. This offers a cost-effective deterrent and means the security guard doesn’t need to be on-site all the time. Patrols can focus on different areas of large sites at different times, depending on needs.

Enhanced Community Relationships

The physical presence of a security guard patrol makes other members of the community, whether they are customers, staff, or nearby business owners, feel safer. They can communicate with a security guard and improve the security situation of the area by offering feedback and information on potential problems.

Effective Deterrent

A security patrol is one of the most effective deterrents for future crime. The area is under security, it is most unlikely to be attacked by the criminal. The presence of an actual guard, as opposed to a camera that could be switched off or not monitored, lowers the risk of opportunist theft or criminal damage.


A security guard patrol for your Oxford business can be a cost-effective and efficient way to protect your property and personnel. You minimize the risk of costly damage and you may even lower your insurance premiums by utilizing this essential service.


A mobile security patrol is all about letting your presence known all through digital media. This way you can also know the mind set up of your audience. It gives detailed information on the audience’s behaviors and highlights the points that the customer needs.

In this article, I have tried my best to let you know the benefits of the Mobile security patrol.

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