Top Crypto Coins To Invest In 2023: How To Choose

by Investing 08 February 2023

Crypto Coins

“How to choose a cryptocurrency to invest in?” – is a question that a growing number of potential investors, people who understand the limitless potential of the crypto coins market.

It’s a question that’s seriously on the minds of people outside of finance. And a question that in 2023 will become even more urgent and requires a clear answer. 

One effective, albeit risky, way to make money is by buying cryptocurrency. No other investment product compares with the terms of returns. Most existing cryptocurrencies have increased their value several times over, and investors have made huge profits. editors will now tell you which are the best promising cryptocurrencies where you can invest to generate income. It is necessary to remember portfolio diversification and take into account all risks. 

By investing in popular cryptocurrencies, you can increase your capital by several times and get a few bonuses. 

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Evaluating The Future 

For a cryptocurrency to be successful in 2023, it must maintain its growth trajectory and offer new opportunities for users who like to start their new venture in the investment in crypto coins.

When evaluating the prospects of crypto coins and projects for investment, you should look at the following indicators: 

  • High liquidity (meaning that coins can be quickly sold at close to market value at any time)
  • Stability of the exchange rate.
  • The reputation of the developers.
  • Clear opportunities for further growth and development.
  • Technical opportunities.
  • The uniqueness of the project.
  • Availability of a road map (White Paper).

How to choose a promising cryptocurrency? 

promising cryptocurrency

Choosing a truly promising asset to invest in is no easy task, as there are thousands of tokens on the market, each with its own characteristics and theoretically capable of taking off in a certain amount of time. 

But there are also plenty of crypto coins and tokens among that number that will never be worth more than their current price. 

As a hint, here are a few factors that you should definitely pay attention to when making your choice. 

1. Purpose, the primary function 

Only crypto coins with useful systems and technology behind them that have real-world applications can show sustainable growth in the long term. 

2. Software code 

The availability of open-source code is a masthead for any project that claims to be trusted by users. Anyone can assess the quality of this code and its potential vulnerabilities. Regardless, not everybody understands the programming. So you may rely on the opinions of reputable auditing companies which can check different projects. 

3. Development team 

It is important to know who each of the founders of the project used to be, what practical experience they have, and their skills and portfolios. Often, well-known developers are brought in specially to draw attention to a project. Also, an important nuance – is the activity of the team and its activity in communicating with the audience. 

Now let’s take a look at some examples of digital currencies. 

1. Binance Coin (BNB) 

Binance Coin (BNB) is an exchange token that allows you to save on fees. The savings rate decreased over time. But then Binance management extended the promotion and kept the 25% discount forever. 

As with Huobi, the opportunity is most relevant to institutional investors who trade such large sums that is much more profitable for them for buying the BNB tokens than to give up hundreds or thousands of dollars as trading fees. 

But saving on commissions is not the only purpose of BNB. As of 2023, the token offers many ways to make money within the ecosystem of the crypto coins- Launchpools, deposits, etc. 

2. Trust Wallet Token (TWT) 

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) is a crypto coins token issued by a cryptocurrency wallet of the same name. It is part of the Binance ecosystem. It performs a number of useful functions for users of the application. 

It allows one to take part in project management, work with collection tokens, support developers of decentralized applications, and get discounts on services of the wallet and the decentralized exchange. 


The DEFY blockchain project is a game ecosystem with NFT and augmented reality. The gameplay involves “hacking” the networks of a global corporation with towers located all over the world. The towers are found by pulses emanating from them, which are displayed in a mobile app. 

The DEFY token for crypto coins is one of the two assets involved in the game. Its main roles are for project management capabilities as well as for buying/selling in-game NFTs. 

4. Okse (OKSE) 

A project for managing finances on a decentralized basis. In particular, it offers the possibility of issuing a plastic cryptocurrency card (only for KYC-eligible customers). The main goal of the project is to provide users with services equivalent to bank services but without intermediaries and overpayments. 

The OKSE crypto coins token gives holders a discount on card fees, the right to manage the protocol, and passive income on staking and liquidity pools. Initial distribution took place in August-September 2022 on Bybit. 

5. Diamond Launch (DLC) 

A platform designed to conduct decentralized crypto coins and token sales, known as IDOs. New blockchain start-ups can conduct IDOs here, including a pre-sales phase. For investors, the participation system is as fair as possible.

The native DLC token allows you to whitelist IDOs, participate in decentralized governance, and influence the addition of new promising projects to the platform. 

6. Made in Brazil (MIBR) 

Made in Brazil (MIBR) is a fan token for the eponymous cybersport team from Brazil. It is launched on the platform on the Chiliz blockchain. In September 2022, it will be distributed to investors on the Bybit Launchpad platform. 

The functionality is broadly similar to other fan tokens. Owners will be able to participate in votes on various team-related decisions, win merchandise, and receive various benefits in the 


New crypto coins appear almost every day. Of course, not all of them have real prospects, but there are many worthy projects, and investors have plenty to choose from. The field of analytics and audits is also actively developing, which means that experts are identifying cryptocurrencies with good ideas and far-reaching plans on a daily basis.

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