Business merchandise to invest in for 2019

by Investing 06 December 2018

As 2019 approaches, you’ll likely be reviewing your budgets and business plans to ensure you can maximize sales, brand influence, and overall reach. As part of this, you’ll need to ensure you have enough of the right branded materials to support your sales and marketing activities.

In the following article, we’ll look at the essential branded merchandise your business needs.

Business Cards:

Some say that business cards are dead. But, for many, they are still an easy way of staying in front of potential clients. They’re small and portable, which makes them ideal. The key to ensuring they stay relevant and creating cards that people want to keep. Be sure to get cards that are no less than 400gsm (if printed on card), also look at the printing options, for matt and shiny laminate finishes and laser cutting options that will make your card stand out. There’s also the option to use different materials, so depending on your business you may want to consider wood, cork, wool or even metal cards.


Leaflets are a pretty standard material that most businesses will have. The key to maximizing your investment is to think outside the box. Include a call to action, a promotional code or even create leaflets that double up as scratch cards – Most people can’t resist the desire to scratch and discover what treat is there for them underneath.


If you want to find a way of distributing your content, USBs are the perfect item for you. Not only do they provide the perfect branding opportunity, but there are also various styles to choose from and you can even have a completely bespoke shape created just for you, like these from USB Makers. Further to this, you can pre-load and lock data, documents, videos, and games on to the USBs. This way you can share your message with prospective clients and know that it’s likely to be seen time and time again as they’re reusable.

USBsPower Banks:

Power banks are another great reusable device. They can be recharged and are often seen as a premium corporate gift or giveaway item, so they’ll be looked after and used time and time again.


We all have a reason to write something down. The key to ensuring your notebooks get used is to identify a reason your customers would want to use them. Creating notebooks with purpose is ideal and can be a great branding opportunity. Notebooks with pre-defined lists, challenges, and thought-provoking tasks may encourage the user to get in touch.

Eco-Friendly Items:

Eco-Friendly ItemsWe’ve already mentioned using various materials for business cards, but there are so many other eco-friendly options to choose from when selecting the right branded merch for your business. Consider items that can be re-used, just like the USBs and power banks we’ve already mentioned. Other items you may want to consider include trolley coins and bags for life, which everyone has to use these days.

Other great items include the Stojo collapsible coffee cup, reusable water bottles, seeds and plants, and metal straws, the list goes on.

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