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by Investing 03 March 2023

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Mark Lyttleton is a speaker, angel investor, and business mentor. He is also the founder of Prana Partners, an organization he created to share knowledge acquired over many years of investing, helping businesses to map out a strategic path to fulfill their vision. This article will outline services offered by Prana Partners, from advising on business planning to helping with capital raising and financial structuring for a business.

For more than 25 years, Mark has analyzed businesses operating in a variety of different industries, from local start-ups to multinational corporations. Seeing how businesses have evolved has provided the company with a wealth of experience and expertise across a variety of markets.

Background Of Mark Lyttleton

Mark Lyttleton is a former investment fund manager who was convicted of insider trading in 2016. He worked for BlackRock, one of the world’s largest asset management firms, from 1997 to 2013. During his time at BlackRock, Lyttleton managed the BlackRock UK Absolute Alpha Fund, a long-short equity fund that aimed to provide positive returns in both rising and falling markets.

Prana Partners is a hedge fund founded by Mark Lyttleton in 2013, just prior to his arrest. The fund was launched with the backing of several high-profile investors, including a number of former colleagues from BlackRock.

Foundation Of Prana Partner

Foundation Of Prana Partner

Mark Lyttleton is the Founder of Prana Partners. And he started to offer the services in 1992. At that time, Mark worked as the fund manager at Mercury Asset Management Department the Merrill Lynch and Blackrock.

Prana Partners aims to support the companies it partners with by offering sound advice. Rather than actually running the company for the client, Prana Partners provides business leaders with practical support, helping founders to avoid potential pitfalls and recognize opportunities they may otherwise have missed.

Conceived to share knowledge acquired over many years of investing in companies, Prana Partners was created to achieve a degree of collaboration and humanity in business. Working with Prana Partners has been likened to working with a teacher or chef, with the sharing of wisdom and experience helping to unlock the client’s own inner knowledge and inspire creative alchemy.

Mission Of Prana Partner

Prana Partners’ mission is to help businesses at all stages of their evolution, providing thoughtful strategic advice to enable them to flourish and grow even as they negotiate challenging times.

Prana Partners founder Mark Lyttleton has been involved in the financial services industry for more than 20 years, previously working as a fund manager for Blackrock, Merrill Lynch, and Mercury Asset Management, running long-short and long-only equity portfolios.

He embarked on a new career path in 2013, becoming an angel investor and business mentor. Since then, Mark Lyttleton has supported more than 50 early-stage businesses, providing assistance and capital to enable them to grow and prosper.

How Is The Prana Partner Working?

Prana Partners recognizes that the financing of an enterprise and its growth are of paramount importance. Many founders become distracted by the operational side of running the business, as this can often be more exciting. Nevertheless, having robust financials in place creates scope for strategic activities, as well as increasing headspace to concentrate on the business’s customers and products.

A healthy balance of equity, cash, debt, and other instruments gives business leaders greater flexibility. Prana Partners can also help businesses to apply for government and international grants, working with a specialist grant application company to enhance the client’s likelihood of success.

Through its mentoring services, Prana Partners helps businesses to navigate the perilous journey of start-up and growth. Without guidance and support, entrepreneurs often find this a difficult and lonely process, with the burden of expectation weighing heavily on their shoulders. Just having someone fighting their corner can make a huge difference.

With a particular focus on businesses created to bring about societal change, Prana Partners works with a limited number of clients, helping them to maximize their intuition and inherent skills in running their businesses and striking the right work-life balance.

Wrapping Up

Hope you get the idea of how Mark Lyttleton is establishing the business and still now how about the journey of Prana Partner. Do you think I am missing any of the points about the journey of Mark? Then you can share your opinion through the comment sections and let us know about your opinion.

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