Tackling the Challenges of Leading a Startup

by Starting a Business Published on: 09 February 2021 Last Updated on: 01 March 2022

Challenges of Leading a Startup

When you’re launching your own startup business, the list of tasks can seem overwhelming. There’s the excitement of bringing a new product or business into the world, but as the owner, you’re also responsible for nearly every element of the company’s success. However, you can simplify the most important responsibilities by looking at the wider score of branding and introducing your brainchild into public view. Here, we will look at the most common (and important) Tackling Challenges of Leading a Startup and some of the solutions for tackling them.

Logistics of Getting Off the Ground


Even if you’re sitting on a product or service that you feel is going to change the world, there are first steps before unrolling it to the public. One of the major challenges in any new startup is, quite simply, knowing where to begin. Immediately, there are decisions to be made regarding office space (brick and mortar to start, or remotely to save on fund), assembling your core team, and perhaps most importantly, marketing strategy. Even the most brilliant and innovative products or solutions require exposure to their core demographic, and the importance of successful marketing and buzz cannot be stressed enough.

Marketing and Buzz

The technological needs of the modern business world are always evolving, meaning a startup company’s biggest challenge is addressing how to get their product or service known. In today’s marketplace, digital marketing is the most common and crucial solution, which requires a solid working knowledge of SEO (search engine optimization) use and construction of carefully-designed landing pages on your website and affiliates.

According to SEO strategist and expert Manick Bhan, this should be listed as a top priority, as keyword rankings are particularly important in the age of smartphone communication and even B2B research. In fact, it’s a smart business idea for new companies to consult an SEO agency, such as Manick Bhan’s own LinkGraph, to help sculpt their mobile-friendly website.

Finding Your Team


As the CEO (and possibly the founder) of the company, your leadership is only as good as the team you assemble. This will not only play a key role in daily operations but a new company’s marketing and social media presence, as well as website design and maintenance, will all factor into the employees working hard to achieve the common goal of the business’ success. Ideally, a company’s management team should be comprised of like-minded individuals who believe in the product or services as much as the founder and CEO. Likewise, even those not in specific roles should be able to communicate efficiently with other departments.

For example, both the webmaster and the copywriting team should have a solid working knowledge of SEO importance, ensuring that all written materials are compatible with the same ethos and terminology. This can help cut down on how much time workflow will take and only increase the chances of project success. In effect, tackling the many challenges of running a new startup will be dramatically easier if all hands are on deck.

Knowing Your Competition

Even if a product or service is state-of-the-art, it’s only a matter of time before a new company has to tackle the challenges of competition. An important part of the company will now become keeping up with that competition’s own marketing, branding, and possibly surpassing the original concept. Here, two crucial elements must be considered: how learning about the competitor can benefit and even improve upon the original startup’s product and how SEO-driven marketing can inform potential customers and clients that the original company was the true innovator. That core trust can lead to happy customers, and ultimately, brand loyalty.

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